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Heppy Dec 12, 2005
  I'm longing for someone to tell me about my GREAT UNCLE Dr WILLIAM.F.ANGUS MD PHYSICIAN / SURGEON who lived in the mid 1800s in COLUMBA HOUSE, HOWTH, north Dublin, Ireland.

Does anyone know who his wife was? who his Children Were, and where he trained as a doctor.

Please help.


Heppy Dec 12, 2005
  I am desparately looking for information about ROBERT an HANNAH TACKABERRY (CHADWICK) from Co WEXFORD in the Mid 1800s.

Please will someone help me with information.



Jude Cam Dec 6, 2005
  Am looking for information on Thomas Campbell born 3 May 1826 in Magheracross Fermanagh (son of Robert and Bridget) who sailed to Australia

Esther J. Connell Nov 28, 2005
  Am looking for information on George Wallace who was born 16 Dec 1809 in Derry, and Jane Armstrong, born 23 Apr 1813 in North Ireland. Both went to Canada with their families and were married there in 1829. Eventually ended up in Iowa. Would love to have any information concerning this couple. Thank you

Robert Gerald Mooney Nov 24, 2005
  Born in Belfast approximately 1842 left for the USA and married a Emily Johnson in New Oreleans - anyone have any information about these people

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