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Joe Hurst Jun 19, 2005
  I'm looking for an aunt whose maiden name was Hufschmidt. She lived in your state in the 1950s and 1960s; maybe before and after also. I have no idea where. Can anyone help with this?

Clarence John Kinna Jun 8, 2005
  My great grandfather was the first mayor of Helena, Montana. He owned a hardware store in Helena. I am very interested in finding this family in Ireland, as far back as possible.

Matthew Breslin May 29, 2005
  Wonderful site, so simple to follow, yet, everything is there in detail. Could I please have the html details to put it on my site when it is fully constructed. Like this site, mine would have free access. Sincerely, Matt Breslin.

Thelma Charlton May 28, 2005
  I am trying to trace where my Gt. Grandfather was born. His name was David Forbes or Forbues. He was born somewhere in Ireland in 1845 and came to England to live. He married in Kensington, London in l873. Any assistance from anyone would be of great help.

Kathi HAstings May 26, 2005
  I have been looking threw your site. I was born in MOntana as was my father, and 9 of his fathers brothers and sisters. They also owned land, 2 furniture stores. My G-Grandfathrer was in the Montana Calvery, had WWI draft papers and I find nothing on your site not even our surname wich is "Shiner" I am trying to find out everything I can on Samuel and his wife who my friend found on a 1920 and 1930 census threw another website. Could you please help me find these records or direct me

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