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Ivah Clarke Jul 26, 2004
  Jane Thompson b ca 1810 Aghanloo, Derry married a ? Lindsey, possibly in Derry. Emmigrated to East Gwillimbury, York Co Ontario ca 1834. Left for California in the 1840's. Her father was Jacob Thompson & mother's name was Mary. They also immig to Quebec & on to East Gwillimbury York Co Ontario in 1834 together with Robert Thompson, Jacob Thompson Jr Anne Thompson & Sarah Thompson

David Grierson Jul 24, 2004
  My 16 years search has led me to Londonderry, Ireland who my X-3 grt. grandfather, John Grierson (Grearson) boarded a ship: BELLONA, bound for Port of Philadelphia USA, arriving there with 108 passengers on board on August 28th, 1811. The ship's master: Joshua Osgood.

Can anyone give insights to further records, give some direction. This man is listed in Census records as having been born in Scotland.

David Grierson

Bob hedaux Jul 24, 2004
  I am still working my way around the site, most interesting.
Can any one tell me how I can obtain birth details of an ancestor, Married in England,1877 and claims to have been born in ANTWERP, 1853/4,many thanks and best regards....Bob Uk.

Kristi Nee Jul 15, 2004
  I am trying to find a way to obtain a Birth Certificate from Ireland. The catch is, I don't know where this person was born. All I have is that Michael Nee was born in 1822 in Ireland. I hope someone can help me out.

Kristi Nee

debbie usher Jul 14, 2004
  i am searching for information on Dennis Cunningham who married Ellen Berwick in australia..

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