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Jen Fraser Jun 27, 2004
  No luck this time. Researching Glass and McQueen families in Nth Ireland.

Body Piercing Jun 23, 2004
  It's amazing how little this practice is realized.

Maud Jarvis Jun 20, 2004
  Alas, I thought when I found this site I might at last stumble on my gt grandfather etc, but no hope yet, have tried for some years now to find his birth/father etc, but no hope yet. His name was Stephen Geoghan, but perhaps the name had a dofferent spelling in Ireland? but that is the only clue I have (recorded on marriage & birth certs.

Lindsay Doak Jun 19, 2004
  i think this site does nothing to help beginers as i went into bmd exchange and entered names, 1st & last, birth dates - with & without town & county, of 3 immediate family members & got "NO RESULTS FOUND"! i think that sux!

Car Loan Jun 15, 2004
  I always enjoy your java publications. Thank you

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