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Mary Madigan Feb 17, 2011
  I am researching the Madigan family in Co Clare Ireland. I am particularily interested in the marriage/birth/ death of Patrick Madigan batised in Ennisymon Co Clare Ireland 1827 and Mary Callinan in 1828. It is the next link in our family tree. Any assistance would be great.

Jill Wright Jan 29, 2011
  I don't know whether Alan John Parkes Hitchcock but he's my uncle.

Usale and Alan (she's Belgium) and they down in Belgium. Was the time of ww2.

Mum, Bob and I went to Belgium 1970's but we can find no record of him.

Mum has 11 children, the last one is Mum, Lucy pregnant again at 50.

best wishes
Jill Wright

thomas mc ardle Jan 26, 2011
  i have for the marriages of certain people entered the exact names and dates and places of marriage and each tine recieved a no match found. why is this

John Alcorn Nov 13, 2010
  Why have you the island of Ireland shown completely covered with a Republic of Ireand triclour flag? Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom therefore should NOT have an Irish flag on it but a Union Flag or Ulster Flag. This is such an unforgiveable insult.

Joy Munns Oct 14, 2010
  Looking for descendants of Frank Philbin and Mary Mulrooney who were married in Castlebar Ireland in 1835. Sons John born 1839 and Thomas born 1841.

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