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Ancestral Branches Jan 22, 2004
  Don't have the time or ability to research your family history. Hire a genealogist. Our professional and experienced genealogy researchers can help.

Dale Moggy Jan 19, 2004
  I am looking for any info on the MOGGY surname. in the Corbin and Helena, Montana area. They were connected to the Cumming and Carlsons of the same area.

Dortas, D'Ortas, Carregosa Jan 10, 2004
  E-mails: [email protected] or [email protected] .
I am searching some of my family surnames: Dortas, D'Ortas, Carregosa, Carregoza.
-Estou pesquisando alguns dos sobrenomes de minha familia.
-Estoy buscando la origen de algunos apellidos de mi familia.
-Io sto percorrendo alcuni dei miei cognomi della famiglia.
-Je cherche l'origine de ces noms de famille.
-Ich suche einige meiner familiären Nachnamen.
Many Thanks.

Carol Jones Jan 2, 2004

Looking for ANYTHING on my Gallaghers of Swinford, County Mayo. My great grandfather, Patrick Gallagher, born approx 1856/1861, in Swinford, married Mary Wignall in Garston Liverpool in 1889. Patricks father was John Gallagher, labourer, deceased by the time of Patricks wedding in 1889. Patrick may have had an uncle called Joseph and a cousin named Martin. There is a possibility that his mother was Bridget Conmy - but this is not 100% sure. Any help appreciated as I have been looking for info for years. Thanks. Carol.

Br. Daniel McCormick Dec 23, 2003
  Looking for information on Owen McCormick (br.1540) f/o Hugh (br.1575) f/o Thomas(br.1610),f/o James (br.1645-Kilteny,Coleraine,Ire.)

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