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kearney Nov 14, 2003
  from Maghera or sorounding areas

David J Bretzke Nov 13, 2003
  Looking for any Bretzke's in MT, my grandfather was Karl Ludwig Eduard Bretzke, lived in Glasgow in 1888-1900 I would guess, had a sheep ranch in the area and Willy Bretzke and all his family were in this area and are still there, Leo E. Bretzke was the last of cousin Willy's childern Thanks David

Rosanna Nov 12, 2003
  I am searching any info about the Hassan family from Londonderry.My great grandmother Bridget Hassan came to New Zealandin the early1880"s. Her fathers name was John.Her mother Catherine nee Mullin.

mike Nov 12, 2003
  Looking for info. on early relatives John and Mary Anthony or Antony of Waterford dungarvan.Johns occupation merchant. Mary`s maiden name was Dillon.A son Michael M. Mary Mcgrath @ Tipperary 1838 .They had 9 children in Ireland.Michael and Mary migrated to Australia 1858.

Barb Nov 3, 2003
  Hi everyone. I just wanted to passs this along to you. Recently, I decided to take it upon myself to have my old photographs and documents that were passed down to me scanned and to have my slides scanned.
I wanted to test out some companies before I sent all of my slides and images away. Here is the company I decided to go with!
MyTree ( )

MyTree was the best company for photo and 35mm slide scanning that I found. I researched all the scanning companies I could find and hands down MyTree won. They beat Walmart for affordability and the image quality of the scans was fantastic!!!

I sent about 30 slides to each company. Mytree had the best service, very organized and they used the highest picture quality for scanning.

Here is a list of all the benefits of MyTree over all the other companies I have researched:
1) Pay after you recieve the CDs and your originals. (This is a great concept due to the trust factor. No other company offered this service and was a key factor in my decision for sending all my photos and slides to MyTree)

2) Free shipping and Shipping reinbursment on your large orders. (For me, I looked at this as an investment for all of my family and future generations. Sooo, I had a lot of scans. This saved me a great deal of money.

3) The quality was unbelievable! I am so happy I buckled down and got this done!!

4) The cost. Cheaper than Walmart and higher quality than any other company.

5) You can order copies of your CD just by sending an email to them.

6) They were backed up on orders, however, it was still quicker than the companies that werent as busy. Go Figure!

7) They accept Paypal! and the list goes on....

This takes care of my Christmas and Birthday shopping and I know that my family tree will always have a photographic history of their past.

I hope the information helped.

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