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bernard reece Sep 26, 2003
  Trying to find my grandmothers family.
Her name is catherine teresa gribbon/ban.
I think she was born in co.wexford in1881
any info on her family would be apperiated.
Thank you .
bernard reece grandson.

june robinson Sep 21, 2003
  very interesting . some one may be lucky I will check back again.

Bill Cribbs Sep 8, 2003
  Great resource!

Marisol Sep 8, 2003
  Very Impressive!!!

Janette Lyon Aug 29, 2003
  Maternal Great Uncle-Arthur Handley- was born in Wrexham, North Wales in August 1907. He was a 'Wall of Death' Rider in Skegness,NE England in early 1930's. From there he travelled to Jamaica in 1934 with the 'Wall of Death' and met and married Gloria Prendergast after a 3 month whirlwind romance. They travelled for 12 months around Africa, before returning to Jamaica where they had 2 daughters(1936 & 1938). They separated(never divorced) and Arthur (also known as Ace Handley & Al Johnson) returned to Birkenhead, Cheshire in late 1930's and stayed with his brother(my grandfather) and family off & on until 1941. Whilst lodging with his brother & family, Arthur rode the 'Wall of Death' at New Brighton until 1941. He travelled to Constantine (now Algeria) to fight in the Second World War. He never returned to Birkenhead but he is not listed as a Casualty on the CWGC Site. ONS in Southport confirm that he never divorced and did not die in England or Wales.

I ahve been informed by former W o D riders(aged late 70's) that if Arthur used his mother's maiden name(Johnson) then he was Al Johnson and travelled to Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1951, after riding 'the Wall' in Belle Vue, Manchester.

If anybody can give me any information about the Wall of Death in Belfast I would be extremely grateful. I do not where else to research.

Please accept my apologies for the length of this request, but felt that I should supply as many details as possible.
Thank you for your time in reading this.

Best wishes

Janette Lyon
Wirral, UK

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