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Catherine Evans Aug 28, 2003
  Great grandfather Andrew Bradley, wife's maiden name Ellen McGovern. Their son James Bradley born about 1838 in Tyrone said to have jumped ship in Geelong, Victoria Australia. Married Catherine Connolly, they had 13 children, 10 grew to adults. They had a farm in Woodend, Victoria. He died in November 1881. He registered his first child as Andrew Campbell. I wonder if this was because he jumped ship. However his marriage certificate 17th April 1856 in St. Francis' Church Melbourne, Australia was registered in the name of James Bradley. Any help would be appreciated.

Eileen Currie Aug 24, 2003
  great-grandfather William Craig was born 1847 in Parkgate, Templepatrick,Co Antrim, married Martha Finlay. When he retired as school teacher, became stationmaster at Cultra (Bangor-Larne line). His daughter Maggie married Richard Russell Davies from Lugar. His son James married Maggie Murray, and they were my grand-parents. There was a daughter Anne-Jane, Molly(Mrs Manson), Jeannie (Mrs Bill Rickert), and I have photos of a cousin Vera at Browndod Farm. Do I have any didtant relatives over there?

Heather Aug 15, 2003
  Me again.

Please someone tell me about Firstly my Great Grandfather

He was skipper of a 3-masted ship, which sailed the 7 seas. He got his skippers certificate in 1864 What was the name of his ship,?? and what happened to her.??

Also the family were Ships Candlers, Yacht Outfitters and Agents, speciality, catering for fishing boats., John ANGUS JUNIOR loved in BLAIRGOWIE, HILLSIDE TERRACE

and MISS ANGUS ,Hillside REFRESHMENT ROOMS, 4, Hillside Terrace.. I think some of the ANGUS family were coal merchants???? is that correct??

What was the Christian name of JOHN ANGUS'S wife.

Secondly Please tell me about my GREAT UNCLE DR WILLIAM. F. ANGUS MD PHYSICIAN / SURGEON . where did he train in Ireland, Did he have any family, if so who were they?? He was from COLUMBA HOUSE,(where ever that was) ABBEY STREET

Please email me with what you know,


Heather Aug 15, 2003
  I would like information about my GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHER REV SIMPSON GABRIEL MORRISON, a Presbyterian Minister, who started his ministry in ARMAGH (Which Church?) Then moved to PLUNKETT STREET, DUBLIN which eventually joined with Union Chapel DUBLIN. WHO was his wife ? He had at least 3 Daughters, Elizabeth MORRISON who married Henry GODDEN , ADA MORRISON who married Rev William. C. TAIT, and another Daughter (My Great Grandmother) ?? MORRISON who married JOHN ANGUS. DID Rev Simpson Gabriel MORRISON have any other children????? What was the Christian name of John Angus's wife????

Where is Rev SIMPSON GABRIEL MORRISON Burried???? He retired in Dublin in 1881. but I can't find any record of when he died or is burried. Please help and Please email me.

Thanks, Heather


Kerrie Seville Aug 9, 2003
  Looking for Acheson and Symington

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