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Anne Stringer Mar 16, 2010
  Would like to knos if Arthur Francis Noonan-Evans is still alive

jacqueline mason Mar 15, 2010
  Looking for Nicole Doffiny, thought to have divorced Christian Doffiny. Christian is now deceased. Nicole is my biological mother, I would like to make contact. Jacqueline

Lynette Dodd Mar 5, 2010
  I am looking for any information of the name Shandley or Shanley that originated in Ireland. an dthen moved to UK and the other parts of fthe globe.

Erik Mar 5, 2010
  This is a test.

Wendy Maddocks Mar 4, 2010
  I live in Australia and am researching the life of the only woman hung in Queensland. Her name was Ellen Lynch and she came to Australia , aged 11, from County Cork on the ship "Joshua" ion 3/12/1857 from Southhampton. She was with her mother, nee Murphy (I think) and her younger sister Mary 9,her decesed father was Thomas Lynch. Her life here in Austalia is very sad and I believe she deserves a Posthumous pardon and I am in the process of applying for one. Can you help me with any birth certificates, marriage cert. for her mother or death certificate for her father.?

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