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On this page you'll find helpful links and resources to get your own Ireland genealogy research started.

  • GENUKI: Ireland Pages - The GENUKI has added pages for Ireland to provide information related to the entire "Island of Ireland". These pages as with the rest of GENUKI, are organized according to the historic and administrative boundaries, rather than present-day ones. (From the GENUKI -Ireland main page :)

  • Irish Surname lists - Surname lists maintained by the county hosts are available for public posting. They often lead you to others who are researching the same lines and can share information with you. Invaluable to the inexperienced researcher, they give you links, networking ability and leads to information concerning your own family.

  • FIANNA - The Beginning. During the spring term of 1997, we were all participants in an excellent on-line introductory course in genealogy, taught at Virtual University by Marthe Ahrends. Part of the course process was to form study groups by interests. We were all interested in tracing Irish roots. As this group bonded, we selected the name "Fianna" for both our group and the result of some of our on-line researches, the web page Fianna: Irish History and Ancestry.

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