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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Town of Birth County of Birth Clik to send mail.
768 record(s) were found.
NICHOLSON  Margaret Jane  1894-01-06  Lurgan  Armagh  Clik to send mail.
FLYNN  Martin  1893-10-07  Strogue  Tipperary  Clik to send mail.
BATES  John Albert  1893-08-24  Dublin  Dublin  Clik to send mail.
BLAIR  Robert John  1893-06-06  Castlerock  Londonderry  Clik to send mail.
REGAN (REAGAN)  Ann (Hannah)  1893-04-22  Grance  Roscommon  Clik to send mail.
NICHOLSON  Leonard  1893-03-06  Lurgan  Armagh  Clik to send mail.
JOHNSTON  William  1893-02-28  Crossnarea  Tyrone  Clik to send mail.
GUCKIAN  Eugene  1893-02-25  Carrick on Shannon  Leitrim  Clik to send mail.
MCTOAL  Ellen  1892-09-11  District Of Castlequarter (Ballymoney)  Antrim  Clik to send mail.
QUINN  Mary  1892-08-06  Greenvale  Kilkenny  Clik to send mail.
BRADLEY  Teresa  1892-04-05  Maghra  Londonderry  Clik to send mail.
TAYLOR  James John  1891-12-08  Gransha (Newtownnards, Bangor)  Down  Clik to send mail.
HERBERT  Bartholomew  1891-12-03  Cork    Clik to send mail.
FLYNN  John  1891-11-16  Rahealty  Tipperary  Clik to send mail.
ROBINSON  margaret  1891-11-05  bray  wicklow  Clik to send mail.
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