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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Town of Birth County of Birth Clik to send mail.
116 record(s) were found.
MCFALL  John  1864-05-02  Glynn  Antrim  Clik to send mail.
MILLER  John  1869-05-12  Sixmilecross  Tyrone  Clik to send mail.
MAHER  John  1886-06-10  Waterford  Kilkenny  Clik to send mail.
MCARAVEY  John Baxter  1878-03-16  Cargycroy, Drumbeg  Down  Clik to send mail.
MALLON  John Micheal  1896-11-12  Belfast  Antrim  Clik to send mail.
MURPHY  Joseph  1869-06-01  Baltinglass  Wicklow  Clik to send mail.
MANNION  Julia  1875-10-06  Cloonabricka (Parish of Killeroran, Union of Mountbellew)  Galway  Clik to send mail.
MONAHAN  Julia Anne  1928-07-26  Killorglin  Kerry  Clik to send mail.
MONELLY  Kathleen  1914-04-10  Swinford  Mayo  Clik to send mail.
MCCARTNEY  Kathleen Alice  1902-04-19  Belfast    Clik to send mail.
MOLLOY  Laurence (Lawrence)  1877-10-18  Ballinree  Kings  Clik to send mail.
MANN  Louis  1878-09-19  Curragh Camp  Kildare  Clik to send mail.
MCCLELLAND  Lowry  1856-04-06  Ahoghill  Antrim  Clik to send mail.
MORTON  Lydia  1878-06-05  Dungall  Antrim  Clik to send mail.
MCGIVNEY  Maggie  1891-04-26  Drumcassidy  Cavan  Clik to send mail.
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