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DEACON JOHN COCHRAN  Londonderry Ireland 1700  2006-01-16  Kirby Dickey 
The Cochran family traces its descent from Ayr, in Ayrshire, Scotland. Among the signers, from the noth of Ireland, of a memorial, dated 26 Mar 1718 to Gov. Shute of Massachusetts, asking for a grant of land, are John, Andrew, Alexander, James, John, William, and B. Cochran. William was one of the original proprietors of Londonderry in 1722. Soon after, there were in Londonderry, John, , John, Peter, William, and Andrew. From the first John descended the Antrim branch. The 0ne know as Dea. John is claimed as the ancestor of the Pembroke Families. Some of the family spell the name Cofran, Cofren, and Cochrane.

1. Dea. John Cochran had among his ch:
2. James
3. John: Married to Mary Mchard and Maragret Owens
4. Ninian
The first two settled in Pembroke, and later in Londonderry.
James came to Pembroke 1750
5. Josephb. 1740 m. Margaret Murray
6. Williamb. 1740
7. James b. 1743 m. Mary Mcdaniel
8. Samuel

This is some inforamtion on my family Deacon John Cochran who came to N.H. 1718. I am trying to locate any information you might have on Dea. john parents of other information. Deacon john came from Londonderry Ireland. I want to say thank you for help me. I will be glad to pay for any cost for the search. thank you Kirby Dickey
Gorresstr. 2
76185 Karlsruhe

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