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MCWILIAMS  Draperstown, 1861-1925  2000-06-09  Alice Jones 
Roman Catholic Parish Of Ballynascreen Baptism Records:

Father, John McWilliams, Mother: Mary Rogers, Address- Drumderg

Date: 11 October 1861, Name- Susan McWilliams, Sponsors: James Convill & Peggy McWilliams
Date: 1 1 January 1864, Name: Bridget McWilliams, Sponsors: Patrick & Peggy McWilliams
Date: 19 May 1866, Name: Mary McWilliams, Sponsors: Bernard & Mary McWilliams
Date- 30 October 1870, Name: Margaret McWilliams, Sponsors- Peter McWilliams & Mary McWilliams, Priest-. J. C.
Date: 1 1 March 1873, Name: Eliza McWilliams, Sponsors: John O'Hagen & Mary O'Hagen, Priest: J. M.
Date- 8 June 1875, Name, Patrick McWilliamsSponsors- John Darragh & Susan Darragh, Priest: J. McN.
Date- 25 March 1878, Name, Anna McWilliams, Sponsors: James Convill & Molly Convill Priest- J. McN.
Date: 14 April 1880, Name- Michael McWilliams, Sponsors: Pat McWilliams & Eliza Mallon, Priest- J. MCC. 'Note-. Married Bridget on 2 July 1925 by Rev. Duffy

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