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FROWISS  Bovevagh, 1770  2004-04-06  frowiss 
My ancestor, John Ferguson, b. about 1758, Bovevagh, came to Philadelphia in 1774 on Alexandria. His parents were William Ferguson, 1728-1809, and Sarah C. Smith, married in 1756. They were Presbyterian. I believe John had an older brother, William Jr., who inherited the estate around 1830. This clan came from Glen Shee Valley in Scotland around 1603 to Bovevagh, four brothers settled there. One is believed to be Malcolm. Others perhaps were William, John, Henry, maybe James. I've seen the 1766 names list on the net from the Religious Census, and I've seen the Flax growers list on the net from the 1790's. What I'm looking for are possible descendants of this family who might fill in some of the blanks. I have the info on the American descendants.

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