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BRAUN  Derry County, 1820  2005-02-25  Deborah 
Maria Jane Lenox was my great great grandmother. Her father was Henry Lenox
Son of a Scottish landowner. A farmer near Mathrafelt in Co. Derry Ireland, c. 25mi. from Belfast. Married Margaret Sloan [or Sloane]. In 1828 or 1829, he and his wife came to Canada, landing at Quebec. He became a carpenter in Montreal, and died 1834 of cholera in La Prarie, near Montreal.

Born Sept. 1, 1820, Crama, Co., Derry, Ireland. Eloped from La Prarie, Canada to Champlain, U.S. with Richard Weld Kerr in 1837.

Children of this marriage:
* (A) Charlotte Kerr
Died in infancy.

* (B) Maggie Kerr
Born June 17, 1839, Hemmingford, ßÜßCanada West.

Born June 9, 1844, Kingston, Canada. Died March 30, 1885, Mobile, Alabama. A graduate of Cornell College (Iowa) and a Methodist minister for 15 years. Married Lois Ocelia Hess [1849], May 22, 1872, near Lyons, Iowa, marriage performed by E. Miller [HB, also the source of several births and deaths below]. Rev. Kerr was at that time a part of the Upper Iowa Conference. of Methodists. Father of:
* (1) James Arden Kerr
Born March 15, 1873, Lansing, Iowa. Baptised Sept. 27, 1877. Died June 13, 1880, West Union, Iowa.

* (2) Rolland Hess Kerr
Born March 12, 1875, Iowa Falls, Iowa. Baptised Sept. 27, 1877. Died June 7, 1880, West Union, Iowa.

* (3) Ethel Amelia Kerr
Born April 19, 1877, Iowa Falls, Iowa. Baptised Sept. 27, 1877. Died June 14, 1880, West Union, Iowa.
Born Sept. 24, 1880, West Union, Iowa. Baptised April 21, 1881. Died 1949. Married David Charles Cook (1880), Sept. 19, 1906, Tropico, Los Angeles Co., Cal.

* (D) Sarah Maria Kerr
Died in infancy.

* (E) Henry Albert Kerr
Born Dec. 15, 1849, Strathroy, Canada West.

* (F) William Kerr
Twin. Born Feb. 17, 1851, Strathroy.

* (G) Matthew Kerr
Twin. Born Feb. 17, 1851, Strathroy.

* (H) Rosanna Kerr
Born Jan. 26, 1853, Strathroy.

* (I) Richard Weld Kerr
Died at 1 and 1/2.

* (J) Sarah Mary Kerr
Born July 17, 1858, Strathroy.

* (K) Isaac Heber Kerr
Born July 17, 1860, Strathroy.

* (L) Phoebe Theresa Kerr
Born Feb. 14, 1862, Pleasant Hill, Iowa.

Sarah Mary Kerr was my great grandmother. She married my great grandfather Thomas "Long Tom" Robinson

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