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MCBRIDE  Londonderry, Nth. Ireland 1890 approx  1999-03-19  Valerie 
Captain John McBride & Mary (nee O'Donnell) 8 Howard Street, Londonderry. Born Ramelton Co. Donegal, married there prior 1864, had about 7 children. Looking for copy of m... [more...]
MCCANN  Dreenan, Derry, Ireland c1837  1998-05-13  Eden Winnacott 
Patrick McCann (born: 1837 in Dreenan, Derry, Ireland) Migrated to Australia Married in NSW, Australia in 1863 to Mary Costello (born: 1832 in Dreenan, Derry, Ireland) ... [more...]
MCCANN  Unknown - 1815 - 1839  2000-04-17  Doris Sheehan 
Richard McCann born 15 Nov. 1815 somewhere in County Derry married Anne O'Cassidy (nothing known of her) probably c1832. Their first known child was born 1833, christened... [more...]
MCCARTNEY  Magherafelt,Co.Derry NI  1998-10-26  John Burrows 
I am researching my Grandmother's family.Her father was James McCartney married Margaret Gilmore prior to 1880 prob. Newbridge Chapel. I would appreciate any information.
MCCAUGHAN  Derry, Ireland 1806-1843  1998-08-19  Patricia McDermott 
John T. McCaughan b. 7/18/1806. Immigated to NY - 1842? Married Mary Houston who died of accident in Ireland prior to 1842? Dau. Mary McCaughan b. Oct. 1839. Immigrated t... [more...]
MCCAUGHEY / IRONS    1998-06-01  Shirley 
I'm searching for any conncetion to Mccaughey. We've traced our ancestors to Limavady (Newtown). Joseph McCAUGHEY married Janet IRONS about 1735. Several of their childre... [more...]
MCCLENAHAN  Between Dungiven/Newton Limavady - 1850& Prior  1998-07-06  Vonda Minner 
James McClenahan was married to a Miss Dean. They had 6 children - Elizabeth married Robert Dean, Mary Ann married Thomas Swan, Robert born 1825 married November 3, 1846,... [more...]
MCCLENNATHEN  Londonderry 1780s  2001-02-15  Becky Gall 
I can trace family back to Mary McClennathen McCombs and James McCombs both born in Ireland about 1786 and 1782. I have knowledge that they came over 1835 with a daughter... [more...]
MCCLERNAN  Nocarag - Culnerman or Cooleman - 1821  1998-12-27  Heather Brown 
Her name was Mary McClernan - she lived with a family. The only thing I know is that it was in the Parish of Desertoghill. I would like to know about the rest of her fam... [more...]
MCCLOSKEY / MCCARTNEY    1998-03-27  Barbara Little 
I am searching for the Londonderry beginnings of my g-g-grandparents Patrick McCLOSKEY b. circa 1811 Londonderry and Janet McCARTNEY also born in Londonderry circa 1815. ... [more...]
MCCLOSKEY  1827 Londonderry Irleand  1999-02-21  Michell 
Looking for information on Charles McCloskey who married Margaret Spike in 1847 in Londonderry . Both were born there. Also on was catholic and the other prostant? They h... [more...]
MCCLOSKEY  Dungiven  2000-12-31  Gary 
My name is Gary McCloskey and I am searching for my family and the their background in Ireland. To date I have come up with the following: My Great Grandmother was Bri... [more...]
MCCLUSKEY  Co Derry, before 1848  2000-11-15  Helena 
Looking for information on William McCluskey (b. abt 1801)and Mary Donaghy (b.abt. 1803) married in Ireland. They came to Canada with some of their children in 1848. The ... [more...]
MCCLUSKY / MCCLOSKY  Dungiven, Londonderry 1841  1998-06-28  Jackie 
Sophia apparently traveled to the Us at the age of 5. I do not know who accompanied her. She traveled from Liverpool to New York on the ship sharon arriving New York, Oct... [more...]
MCCONNELLOGUE  Londonderry  1999-04-16  Paul McConnellogue 
Looking for info. on Danial and Charlotte McConnellogue of Londonderry, N.I., born late 1800's died around 1970. They are my grandparents.
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