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TAYLOR  Londonderry 1664  2004-06-02  Ruth (Taylor) Paterson 
We only have a surname, but it is believed that this unknown Taylor was born l664 Templemore Parish, Londonderry, N. Ireland. He was the father of Matthew, esq. Taylor, ... [more...]
WARREN    1998-06-27  Diane 
Looking for living family and only have James Orr and Rebecca (nee Young) where are they buried and the names of thier parents. They may have lived out side of Londonderr... [more...]
WATSON  Location - County Londonderry 1818  1998-02-11  Leona Fleming 
I am searching for information about James WATSON, my gr-gr-gr grandfather. He was born in the Parish of Clondermot, County Londonderry on August 1, 1768. In 1818, at the... [more...]
WATSON  Coleraine, 1690s  1999-04-11  Shirley 
Matthew, John and Oliver Watson migrated to the US in 1718, landing in Boston. John, b. 1716, son of Matthew; Oliver, b. 1718 on the voyage, son of Matthew. Therefore, Ma... [more...]
WILSON  1700 - 1740  1998-09-13  Ray Wilson 
James Wilson lived in Ballyrahune, Londerry Ireland. Immigrated to America about 1736-1740. Would to correspound with anyone that might have any information. Also what is... [more...]
WILSON  Magherafelt, year unknown  1999-02-24  Terri Hamiter 
I am seeking information about the WILSON families at Maghera....specifically at Dunglady. I have an ancestor in Texas, George Hill WILSON (born in TX 1852) who descends ... [more...]
WINTLE  Belfast 1838  1999-04-24  Joy Wintle 
I am searching fpr any information on Walter ?Robert Wintle born in Belfast in 1838 arrived in Australia in 1848-49 as?cabin boy his parents had paid for his position on ... [more...]
WISELY  Downhill, Area of Derry; 1820-1823  1999-04-30  Sharyn Wisely Anderson 
My relative, Samuel Wisely, left Ireland sometime around 1820-1823 and arrived in St. Johns, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia sometime in 1823, I believe. He traveled by stage ... [more...]
WITHERSPOON  Londonderry 1650-1740  2001-03-15  Charlie Weaver 
Would like to correspond with anyone with info on the WITHERSPOON family which supposedly immigrated from Londonderry to America c1740. James and wife Flora, along with p... [more...]
WRIGHT  Londonderry 1835-?  1999-05-05  Jean Broadfoot 
The Wright family of Coolbawn, County Kilkenny moved to Derry about 1835. The sisters started a school there (I assume it was a Wesleyan Methodist School) The family c... [more...]
WRIGHT  Londonderry about 1740  2000-07-12  Gordon Wright 
James Wright, belived to have been born in Londonderry, Ireland about 1740 and eventually arrived in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1760/61
CANYSHEL / CANYSHELL  Drumachose, Londonderry  2002-07-10  Tricia Bacastow 
Robert CANYSHEL had his son, by the same name christened at Drumachose Parish in Londonderry,Ireland on 17th of October 1741. My Great Grandmother - Elizabeth CANYSHELL ... [more...]
MCSHANE  Ballynascreen 1773-1818  2002-07-17  Annette Davis 
Hugh & Michael McShane both transported for life to Australia 1818
O'HARE  Derry 1848 and earlier  2002-07-17  Trudy 
Looking for father's name and other siblings of Charles & Daniel Diamond, brothers, ages 8 and 11, who left Ireland in 1848 with mother Susan Diamond, age 42, to come to ... [more...]
MULHOLLAND  Eden, Tamlaght, OCrilly  2002-07-18  Vickie Mulholland 
Any Mulhollands esp Henry, Maria (nee York) & Robert. All lived in Eden, Tamlaght O'Crilly County Derry. Robert Mulholland was born c1833 & migrated to Australia c1856 ... [more...]
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