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ROBERTSON  Londonderry - 1848 +  2006-09-15  Fran 
Edward Kane age 24 left Londonderry June 27, 1872 aboard S.S. Sarmation. Could be the brother of William Kane who married Eliza Latimer Galloon, Fermanagh 1862. Edward ... [more...]
MCCONNELL  Carmoney ,Faughanvale, Londonderry  2002-12-21  Lois McConnell Klages 
My gr-gr grandparents William McConnell b.abt. 1816 and his wife Mary Adams, had three sons Robert John b.abt.1833, William b.1838; & James b. 22 June 1841, in Carmo... [more...]
MCCLOSKEY  Agivey 1880's  2002-12-18  Ruth Fowler 
Born 1846. Father Hugh McCloskey. He married Ann Wade in 1872. He married Mary Gallagher in 1879 in RC Church Aghadowey. I don't know when he died? I think it was po... [more...]
GALLAGHER  Agivey 1879  2002-12-18  Ruth Fowler 
Born 1845. Father - John Gallagher. Married Patrick McCloskey in 1879 in RC Church Aghadowey. Died 1924 0r 25 ? Where born ? Who was her mother ?
CURRAN  Londonderry, c1830  2002-12-18  patricia 
Information on McDermott,Kivleham.
WOLEDGE  Kilcronaghan 1840  2002-12-21  Ian 
John Perry b. c1840
Enlisted British Army 1858
Who were his parents?
Any siblings?
(Perry was my GGG Grandfather)
CAMPBELL  Templemoor 1901  2003-01-03  Gen OBrien 
Trying to get information on my grandparents, James Campbell and Jane Neely, married 1901 Ballyarnet Londonderry. last address leeky st. If anyone knows of any roman cath... [more...]
This family were R.C. and lived in the City of Derry. Surname could be McGinnes or McGinnis. Some emigrated to the US and some to England.
HAMPSEY  Faughanvale, New Limavady ca1800  2002-12-29  carol moore 
looking for any decendants of Michael Hampsey, farmer of Faughanvale who died about 1861.married to Jane McWilliams
WHITESIDE  BANAGHER 1800 - 1900  2003-01-19  JIM ELLIS 
This family were Presbyterian farmers and live in the Terrydreen area of Banagher
LYONS  BANAGHER 1800 - 1900  2003-01-19  JIM ELLIS 
This family were Presbyterian or C of I. from Banagher. Jane married James Whiteside my g/grandfather and a possible relative, Letitia married John Ellis another of my g/... [more...]
O'BRIEN  Templemoor 1888  2003-01-08  Gen 
Looking for decendents of James and mary Campbell resided at 88 Leeky st Templemoor late 1880s.Childrens names,James,William ,Charles,Frederick,minnie and Christina.welco... [more...]
ELLIS  Banagher 1800 - 1900  2003-01-19  JIM ELLIS 
This family were C of I and may have originated in Lancashire. Both my grandfather and g/grandfather were called John and live at Cleggan, Banagher
CUNNINGHAM  Londonderry 1887  2003-01-13  roberta 
searching for any info about my grandfather who was born in londonderry his name was thomas cunningham,he had 2 brothers robert and sam.sam was still in ireland as of 193... [more...]
GIBSON  Londonderry 1860  2003-01-09  julie 
Looking for information on Alexander Starrett & Elizabeth Starrett. Their daughter Martha was born there in 1860, a son (name unknown) born a few years later. Any infor i... [more...]
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