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KING  Londonderry 1800-1900  2003-01-19  JIM ELLIS 
This family were R.C. and lived in the City of Derry but may have come from the Milford area of Co Donegal. Grandmother's name was Mary, g/grandfather was Michael
FOH  Tamlaght, Moneymore 1930-1950?  2003-02-09  Linda 
I'm looking for Herbert Doherty who lived in Tamlaght, Moneymore, Co. Derry probably before 1950 or so. He was a nephew of Mary Doherty Irvine who was born somewhere in ... [more...]
GIBSON  Londonderry 1860  2003-01-28  Julie 
I am searching for Alexander Starrett and Elizabeth Starrett. He is listed as a baker. Their daughter Martha was married there in 1881. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
TRAGEAR  Garvagh 1800-  2003-01-19  Allison 
Looking for the Maxwell family from Garvagh, Co Londonderry.
Agnes Maxwell born 1878, her parents and siblings.
SLOAN  Moynock, 1879  2003-02-08  Caryll Teffer 
Looking for William James Sloan born in Moynock Derry 1879. I am also looking for the correct names of his parents and when they were married.
SHAW  Dungivin 1820 - 1860  2003-01-31  david shaw 
Looking for William Shaw born about 1830 in Bovevagh & his son also William Shaw born about 1850 in Bovevagh.
CASSIDY  Kilrea 1857  2003-02-15  Janice Bacino 
Catherine Cassidy was born to Patrick Cassidy and Jane Kane in the townland of Gotmacrane in 1857. Her sibling were Patrick (1853), Joseph (1862), Margaret (1864), Susan... [more...]
YOUNG  Garvagh; 1861  2003-02-02  Beryl Young 
Trying to fing information and family of John Young, said to be born Ballanamine, Garvagh in 1861, parents said to be John Young/Agnes Stewart. He migrated to New Zealan... [more...]
JAMISON  Co Derry- 1830-1840  2003-02-02  Phyllis Lenard 
looking for Michael Jamison born,about 1834 in Co Derry
CLAMONS  Co. Derry / 1830-1840  2003-02-02  Phyllis 
looking for Rosa Clamons born about 1836 Co Derry
CUNNINGHAM  Maghera 1860-2  2003-02-07  Audrey Chesney 
Info re Richard Cunningham, born 1860-2. Moved to Scotland, married and died there. My maternal grandfather. Apart from marriage, no records in Scotland.
ALEXANDER  glenderniott 1799  2003-02-11  andrew 
Looking for andrew Alexander's birth (for parents names) he was born 12/7/1799, Glenderniott County Derry Ireland.
Judith in Australia
MCCALLION  Londonderry 1892  2003-02-13  Elaine McVey 
Looking for Joseph McCallion's family. Joseph's info is b: 1892; d: 1923?; occup: Tinsmith; parents: Alexander and Elizabeth (nee Cairns).
KANE  Gortmacrane Kilrea 1857  2003-02-15  Janice Bacino 
Jan Kane and Patrick Cassidy lived in the townland of Gotmacrane. Their children were Catherine (1857), Patrick (1853), Joseph (1862), Margaret (1864), Susanna Rose Ann ... [more...]
STEWART  Londonderry 1850's  2003-02-15  kay 
Bernard McDonald left Londonderry to go to Aberdeen Scotand to help build the Cutty Sark. He married there. There are 5 grandchildren alive to this date. One is my mother... [more...]
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