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MCINTYRE  Londonderry 1837  2003-04-20  Walker Dix 
James (McAteer, MacAteer) Mcintyre, b. 1837 Glenone, Londonderry; m. Susan McMullan.
JONES  Bogside, Londonderry 1799-1845  2003-04-13  Jean McKirgan 
Looking for information on Susannah Jones, born 1799 in Londonderry. Married Thomas McPeak around 1830. Thomas from Macosquin I think.
LEEBODY  Londonderry, 1911  2003-04-24  Anna Wyatt 
Looking for information on Mrs. Mary Isabella Leebody, a botanist who died Sept. 19, 1911, in Londonderry. I am trying to find out when she was born, who was her husband... [more...]
HEANEY  Claudy 1875  2003-04-25  John Heaney 
Patrick, son of William Heaney and Annie/Ann Murphy(maiden name)William lived in Dungiven.
HARSHAW  Co Londonderry, 1815  2003-04-27  James Wilson Harshaw 
Looking for David Hare Harshaw, born in 1814-15, married to Nancy Wilson (aka, Ann, Agnes, Alice?) who I have no records for.
MCSHANE  Desertmartin 1763  2003-04-29  J.R. Johnson 
Patrick McShane (later Johnson) was born that year in or around the town of Desertmartin. I'm trying to find out who his father and mother were. There is a record of a ... [more...]
CAIN  Derry Co. 1740 - 1800  2003-04-29  Don Ballard 
Isaac Cain b. 1790
CAIN  Derry Co. 1740 - 1800  2003-04-29  Don Ballard 
Isaac Cain b. 1790 went to Quebec, Canada married Mary Greenfield, sold maple syrup @ Chataquey, NY.
CAIN  Derry Co.  2003-05-01  Don Ballard 
Isaac Cain b. 1790 in Derry Co. went to Rockburn, Quebec, Canada
married to Mary Greenfield
LAPPING  1850 - 1854  2003-05-06  pat 
John Lapping
Margaret Annie Robbs Looking for Family links in Ireland any information would be welcome.
KARR, KERR, CARR  Londonderry 1776  2003-05-09  Lorene Fort 
Mathew KERR (or KARR) born 1776 in Londonderry, Ireland. Father may have been James. Brothers may have been Andrew, George, James, John, Robert, or William. Emigrated... [more...]
GILMOUR  Londonderry 1842  2003-05-10  Patty Mallory 
Seeking info about father of Marianne Gilmour. She was born in Londonderry, Ireland in 1842. His name was William or James Gilmour and he owned or worked at a shipbuildin... [more...]
HOLMES  Coleraine 1776  2003-05-14  D. Lhuillier 
Looking for John Holmes, born 1776 in Coleraine, and any information on his ancestors.
BELL  Cookstown born 1881  2003-05-14  Patrick Bell 
Seeking info of family of Willian John Bell born 1881, parents John Bell & Margaret Bell (nee Jackson) William emigrated to South Africa to join the new railway there as ... [more...]
LANE  Londonderry 1750-1780  2003-05-16  john 
looking for joseph lane originally from scotland married a londonderry girl possibly catherine
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