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TODD  Derry 1900  2004-02-05  Moira LeBlanc-Todd 
Looking for the family of William James Todd. Located in 1901 census. His father was David Todd.
MCLAUGHLIN  Londonderry 1856  2004-02-16  Debrah 
Looking for Charles McLaughlin born in Londonderry to a Patrick(or Richard) and Sarah(nee McShane).
I think the parish is Clondermot or
TORRENS  Londonderry about 1860  2004-02-20  RobynTravers 
William Torrens, born Londonderry about 1860. Migrated to Queensland Australia prior to 1892. Married Mary Carey of Miltown Kerry Ireland
KENNEDY  about 1740 Londonderry  2004-06-15  Helen Horn Wedgeworth 
I am looking for Information on my gr. gr. gr. grandfather John Kennedy, all we have is an about date of birth 1740 in Londonderry. Any one with information on a John Ke... [more...]
SMYTH  1885-l895  2004-02-20  Margaret Cromb 
Looking for Margaret Smyth born in Londonderry 1885 onwards. Had a brother who went to Australia. Don't know his name.
MCCLAREY  Country Derry  2004-02-20  Ann 
Looking for information pertaining to the family of Henry (or James) McClarey. Born and raised in the Macosquin area outside of Coleraine...James is my father, but hoping... [more...]
OTTERSON  Magherafelt 1797  2004-03-02  Mrs. Frances Armstrong 
Name is Francis Otterson. He was Roman Catholic. He married in London 1839 and then came to NZ 1841. If possible who was father & mother and the occupation. I think must ... [more...]
PATON  Coleraine 1867  2004-03-04  Chris 
William Watton married Eliza McLaughlin in Coleraine 7/12/1867. They had the following kids - John, Anne, William, Cochrane, Eliza, Helena, Mary Jane, Edith, and Sarah. I... [more...]
TWISS  1860/80  2004-06-20  Shannah 
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN; I am looking for TWISS, Sophia, a seamstress, in Londonderry, C. 1860/80. She emigrated into NY about this time. She was between 25 to 35 yrs... [more...]
MCDADE  1870>1900 Articlave area  2004-06-17 
Looking fo family of McDade/McDaid with three daughters Sarah, Annie and Mary Jane. Possibly a mute brother George may have been from Articlave area. Settled in Antrim by... [more...]
MULLAN  Kiltest / Ballymaglin 1929  2004-03-04  Lea Marie Sacco 
Bernard Mullan owned two farms in the townslands of Kiltesta and Ballymaglin. He died in 1929. His wife was Bridget and three sons Patrick, Arthur and Bernard. A Mary Mul... [more...]
FLUNEY  Derry, Ire. abt.1800+  2004-06-24  Sharon 
Looking for family infor. for Jane Graham born 8th July, 1834, Derry, Ire. Parents Henry and Jane( Thompson) Graham. Jane married James Grant , of Co. Armagh? Jane & Jame... [more...]
BURLEIGH  Coleraine 1849  2004-03-08  Ian Burleigh 
Looking for William Burleigh (Cabinetmaker) believed to be from Coleraine. Had a son Alex born in Ireland in 1849 but shortly after moved to Glasgow, Scotland. Married Ma... [more...]
TOSH  Coleraine or Dunboe c. 1820  2004-03-10  Frank Casty 
Looking for parish records on Tosh, primarily a William Tosh of Coleraine, possibly Dunboe in order to obtain birth information. Any advice on how I can access parish rec... [more...]
MCCUE  Landagivey Townland, 1860-1880  2004-06-11  Michelle 
Looking for Thomas Francis Dixon (or Dickson) born in Landagivey Townland, Co. Derry c. 1860s, married to Maria O'Boyle in 1888 in Rasharkin, Country Antrim before emigra... [more...]
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