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MURRAY  1892 Londonderry  2005-12-08  Monica Ward 
Trying to find any link to William Murray b. 1892 Londerry to Mary Jane Docherty who married William Murray. Young William left Ireland to work in Greenock Scotland. He m... [more...]
DOCHERTY  1895  2005-12-08  Monica Ward 
trying to trace any link to Mary Jane Docherty(may not be correct spelling) who married William Murray and had son William b. 1892 Londonderry. This son died aged 27n in ... [more...]
GIFFIN  Londonderry 1600-1700  2006-01-25  Wally Giffin 
Looking for any ancestors of Robert Giffin born in Ireland about 1742 and moved to Londonderry, New Hampshire US about 1768
IRVIN  Derry, 1750  2006-01-13  Lynn Allen 
Looking for surname of mother of Susannah Irvin born in Derry 1754 to Thomas Irvin and Eleanor ?
Susannah and Eleanor subsequently emmigrated to Pennsylvania, USA
DEACON JOHN COCHRAN  Londonderry Ireland 1700  2006-01-16  Kirby Dickey 
The Cochran family traces its descent from Ayr, in Ayrshire, Scotland. Among the signers, from the noth of Ireland, of a memorial, dated 26 Mar 1718 to Gov. Shute of Mass... [more...]
SMYTH  Belfast, Londonderry 1876 - ?  2006-01-16  Elizabeth 
We are searching for a Samuel Smyth, Surgeon / Dentist, Chichester Street, Belfast and Shipquay Street , Londonderry. Samuel Smyth married Jane White November 9, 1876.
MCCOOL  Derry 1830  2006-01-23  Rose Gibbs 
Looking for information on parents of Margaret McCool, wife of Daniel Love.
LOVE  Magherfelt 1868  2006-01-23  Rose Gibbs 
Daniel Love and daughters Eliza, Sarah and Mary were on the Salters Estate in Magherafelt in 1868. The girls left Ireland that years for New Zealand. Brother Samuel alr... [more...]
WALKER  Coleraine 1780/1830  2006-01-25  Jerry Jasper 
When my 3rd Great Grandfather, John Walker, joined the British Army he listed his home as Coleraine, Derry. John was born about 1890, plus or minus a couple years. In 180... [more...]
STRUNKS  Londonderry and Moville; c 1900 - 1970  2006-01-31  Anne McWilliams 
The above dates are very approximate. My father's family lived in Derry although he (Daniel Joseph b: July 1923) spent his early years in Inishowen (Stroove and moville)... [more...]
GOURLEY  Londonderry  2006-02-01  d.j. 
looking for Matilda Gourley 1856
KNIPE  Londonderry  2006-02-01  d.j. 
looking for John Knipe 1836
BRESLIN  londonderry 1900  2006-02-01  lisawalters 
looking for joseph breslin who lived in the lecky road londonderry and late of east wall londonderry
HALL  Coleraine, 1858  2006-02-04  Jenny 
Looking for Henry Bond, born 1813, working in Coleraine in 1858
GRIMLEY  Templemore 1850  2006-02-10  Douglas Zuelke 
Looking for Owen or Eugene Grimley born in 1842
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