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GIBSON  1712 - 1732  1998-10-12  Alexander 
Alexander was born in Co. Derry on 12th August 1712. His father's name was James Gibson. His mother's surname was Cunningham Alexander went to America as a young man w... [more...]
GILLESPIE  Maghera, 1790s-1820  1999-03-19  Lucy Russell 
I seek information about Charles GILLESPIE, born 1792 in Maghera. He emmigrated to US before 1820. He was a Catholic. His sister Anna Gillespie, was married to Frances Mc... [more...]
GIVAN / GIVEN  near Londonderry----prior to 1664  1998-08-22  Dale Givan Cantrell 
James Givan and Robert Givan, possibly brothers, were on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, USA, taking up Land Patents by Feb, 1664. They became large landowners in Maryland... [more...]
GLASS  Londonderry  1998-09-12  John Glass 
James, born in 1840's
GRIEVE / CRAWFORD  Derry, 1850-85  1999-04-13  Dian 
James GRIEVE owned a successful Irish linen firm and was a shirt manufacturer in Londonderry, Ireland, where he married Mary CRAWFORD (daughter of James CRAWFORD) in 1861... [more...]
GRIEVE  Ardmore 1840 - 50  1998-12-13  Sue Grieves 
Walter GRIEVE married Martha ?, later remarried Rebeeca SMYTHE (SMITH). On the shipping records he was listed as a Farm Labourer from Glen Dermot Co Derry. Parents were l... [more...]
HANEY  Londonderry, 1764 -  1999-01-01  John 
John Haney married Susannah in 1788. Later emigrated to USA to Latrobe PA in Westmoreland County, PA.
HASSON / HASSAN  Location - Londonderry, 1750-1840  1998-01-31  JoAnne Norton 
I am looking for the father of Thomas Hassan (Hasson). He lived in Londonderry and may have emigrated to England in the early 1800's. I am also looking for information on... [more...]
HAWTHORN  Londonderry 1754 - 1789  2000-06-22  Ann 
Rachel Hawthorn married James Brown. They emigrated to America in 1789. She had several brothers who had emigrated several years before. One of these brothers was John Ha... [more...]
HEMPHILL  Coleraine, Derry, Ireland-1724  1998-08-11  Martha Moorehead 
What I have is a Alexander Hemphill that stated he was born in 1724 in Coleraine, Derry, Ireland on a census in York Co. South Carolina where he died in 14 Feb 1789 and i... [more...]
HENDERSON  Londonderry, 1800-1830  2000-07-06  Robert M. Henderson 
Looking for information on William Samuel HENDERSON and parents. May have had a business dealing with furs and hats in Londonderry in the early 1800s. William emigrated t... [more...]
HENRY  Location - b. c1824 Londonderry  1998-04-20  Philip Henry 
Joseph Henry b. c1824 married Anne Martin and had at least one son, James Martin Henry. The son left for the U.S. settled in PA. and later moved to Canada (c 1865). Paren... [more...]
HENRY  Born 1828/1830 believe Derry  1998-06-06  Shirley Williams 
I am searching for more information on Robert Henry born about 1828 I believe in Londonderry. He came to the U.S. in 1849 together with an Alexamder Henry, settling first... [more...]
HUNTER  Tartnakelly - pre 1873  1998-07-26  Ken Woodgate 
Mathew and Scott HUNTER emigrated to NZ about 1873. The Hunter family farmed a property in the townland of Tartnakelly. Father - William HUNTER mother Jennie HEMPHILL. An... [more...]
IRVINE  Location: Londonderry 1797  2000-09-30  Peter B. Irvine 
James Irvine was born in Londonderry, Ireland in 1797. I am seeking the names of his parents and their place of origin.
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