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SMITH NEE GILLESPIE  1885-1890 Derry  2007-11-24  mary teresa 
G/grandfather hugh Gillespie wife margaret nee Mullen or (an) large family one my grandfather Hugh Gillespie wife Bridget nee Murphy,some addresses Sugar house lane, Butc... [more...]
IRVIN  Derry, 1750  2007-11-26  Lynn Allen 
Looking for surname of mother of Susannah Irvin born in Derry 1754 to Thomas Irvin and Eleanor ?
Susannah and Eleanor subsequently emmigrated to Pennsylvania, USA
TAYLOR  Limavady Londonderry  2008-01-05  Tom 
Born 29/11/1875
CASSIDY  derry 1928  2007-12-27  vanessa hanford 
hello i need to find family info on my grandmother margaret mary cassidy born in derry on 26/5/1928 she ended up in swansea where she married william bernard houlihan cir... [more...]
TAYLOR  Limavady 1914  2007-02-25  Tom 
Looking for William Taylor county londonderry 1914
CANAVAN  Londonderry 1882  2007-03-10  Robert Cook 
married william Ewing 1882 in Londonderry. First name was Jane
STEWART  Londonderry abt 1853  2007-03-14  Karen 
Looking for connections to Hamilton Stewart born abt 1853 in Londonderry to Robert & Ann (Platt) family emigrated to Australia about 1857
SCOTT  L'Derry Cty. 1820  2007-03-16  Marianne Fisher 
I have a relative named James Scott who married Margaret Watters. They emigrated into the US just before 1870 which is where the 1st American relative was born.
SMITH  Londonderry/Antrim 1800-1900  2007-03-17  Gail 
Would like any info on any TELFORD'S living in Co Londonderry. Many thanks.
PRITT  Londonerry late 1700, early 1800  2007-05-23  Abigail 
Seeking birth date and parents for John Black. He was born around 1796 in Londonderry. He married a Charlotte and I would love her surname and parents names as well as da... [more...]
O'NEILL  1760-1820 Ballinascreen  2007-03-24  Mark 
Seaching for information regarding Henry O'Neill born in 1769 in Ballinascreen who married Catherine ___ from Gortnarne, Parish of Balteagh in Derry. Came to America in ... [more...]
HOUSTON  Circa 1900  2007-03-19  William 
David Houston, emigrated to the USA...possibly from Londonderry to a Canadian port and then on to either Iowa, Idaho or Ohio...would probably been in his 20's when he emi... [more...]
HOLDEN  Londonderry 1814  2007-03-20  Joe Holden 
Looking for a William Boyle Holden. Born 3/17/1814. His Mother was a Boyle, and related to Sir. Robert Boyle. Father may also be a "William". Thank you. Joe
LOUBSER  Londonderry 1884  2007-05-23  Andre 
Mabel Hall, born Londonderry on July 10, 188- (last number deleted from passport but could be 1884). Mabel was a great fan of Amy Johnson and corresponded with her regula... [more...]
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