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EVANS  1823-1848  2010-04-24  thomas 
looking for thomas evans lives,castledawson/ballyscullion......wife jane evans(nee Godfrey) Had three sons that I know of,Arthur,Edward,Thomas..Three migrated to Australi... [more...]
BRENNAN  londonderry  2010-04-11  monica 
Trying to locate information on brennan family londonderry. My grandfather john brennan was born 1867. His sister elizabeth 1865. My greatgrandfather john brennan rema... [more...]
MOONEY  Londonderry 1897  2010-04-01  Robert 
Robert Mooney was 1st husband to my Grandmother Rose. He died in the 1/4 of 1897. According to family he was involved in an accident??. The same quarter my Grannie has... [more...]
MCILDOON/MULDOON  Ballyscullion 1860-1908  2010-04-04  Lauren Wall 
Looking for marriage of jospeh Muldoon/McIldoon & Annie mcKeever circa 1890
BRENNAN  londonderry  2010-07-26  monica 
Trying to locate birth record of Grandfather who was born 1866 in Londonderry Ireland. Parents were John Brennan and (Janet McGraw Tyrone). They supposedly owned an inn... [more...]
FOSTER  1835  2010-08-28  Candace Ball 
George Foster was born 1835 in Londonderry?
BRENNAN  londonderry  2010-09-13  monica 
Trying to locate birth record of Grandfather who was born 1866 in Londonderry Ireland. Parents were John Brennan and( Janet McGraw Tyrone). They supposedly owned an inn... [more...]
MCGILL  Londonderry 1880  2010-11-14  Jan 
Looking for McGrellis family
in Londonderry approx 1845-1860
ROGERS  Desertmartin 1820  2010-11-27  Ian 
My great-great grandfather was born in Desertmartin in 1820. He then is shown in Portsea Hampshire marrying in 1840. I wonder if he is related to the McGuigans shown on t... [more...]
TAYLOR  Limavady 1914  2010-12-22  Tom 
Looking for William Taylor county londonderry 1914
MORGAN  Londonderry Birth 1879 to 1897  2011-02-14  Terry Steiner 
Emmigrated to the US somewhere around 1897 or sooner with 4-5 brother and sisters.
PEPPER  londonderry 1795  2011-02-27  Deborah Sharman 
looking for Thomas Pepper born about 1795
Married 1820? wife born about 1797
Child William Pepper born 5.12.1822
KELLY  Newtown, Limavady 1846  2011-02-20  Jeannie MacDonald 
Looking for Thomas Kelly born 1827 (?) married to Letitia McLaughlin 1846 in Londonderry. Children-James born 1847, John born 1852
MAYNES-DEVLIN  Salterstown, Londonderry 1880-1891  2011-04-01  Pat Maynes Mines 
My great-grandfather Charles Maynes married Catherine Devlin around 1890. I would like to know Catherine Devlin's parents names. They lived in Parish of Ballinderry, Co... [more...]
KELLY  Derry/Londonderry  2011-03-19  Daniel 
Married Roseanne Curran 16 Nov 1879 in Derry. Emigrated to Glasgow Scotland. Son Thomas prob born Glasgow??
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