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DOUGLAS  Coleraine 1800  2003-03-09  Bree Poor 
Catherine Douglas married John Armour, looking for previous generations, and any general info.
DALE  Derru before 1820  2003-04-17  Ron Dale 
I am looking for any information at all on Dales in County Derry from which my ancestor John Dale emigrated to settle in Canada. My expertise in 19th century military an... [more...]
DALE  Derry, pre-1820  2003-05-19  Ron 
looking for the family of John Dale of County Derry and wife Elizabeth Wilson who emigrated to Pontiac County Quebec ca. 1820. We are trying to trace them in Ireland be... [more...]
DUNN  Londonderry 1860c  2003-08-01  Jan Peasnell 
Looking for a WIlliam Dunn who was born and married in Londonderry, his wife may have been born in Co. Armah?
DOUGLASS  Londonderry abt 1765  2003-12-09  George Setterington 
emigration from Derry to Canada in early 1800s. Seeking info on family
DICKSON  Maghssaphelt 1841  2004-01-21  Rod Armstrong 
Looking for information about Sarah Dickson born 1841 in Maghssaphelt, County Derry. She migrated to Victoria, Australia before 1861.I donot know if she migrated by herse... [more...]
DIAMOND  Maghera 1880's  2004-05-14  Lynne Diamond 
Looking for info on family from Tirgarvil, Upperlands. John & Sarah Diamond, known children are: John (b.1888), Francis, Louise, Bernard, Charles
DOORISH  Ballykelly, 1880s-1900s?  2004-08-02  Darcie Schoenfeldt-White 
Looking for Thomas Doorish, married Catherin McGugian (sp??)... had 13 children (one of them being Patrick Doorish born in 1880)
DILLY  Artrea 1816  2004-08-19  Maggie 
John Dilly married to Ann Smith
Son Abraham born circa 1816
DOYLE  Born Londonderry, 1819  2005-01-05  Alan Cooper 
My Great, Great Maternal Grandfather born in Londonderry 1819 according to census records in Inverness, Scotland where he emigrated and married in 1839. Interested in ide... [more...]
DEANE  Owenreagh, 1845  2004-10-20  Jackie Deane-Couture 
Names found in registry at St Anne's Sixtowns
1. Thomas Deane
2. Michael Deane (son of Thomas)
3. Washington K (son of Micheal) B:1892
Any info appreciated - TIA
DOHERTY  Coleraine, 1880s  2005-01-10  Richard doherty 
I am loooking for the parents and family of Edward Doherty born Coleraine then moved to Derry later belfast
DOYLE  Londonderry, abt. 1819  2005-06-03  Alan Cooper 
Seeking any information on Peter Patrick Doyle and his family who was born about 1819 in Londonderry, later moved to Inverness, Scotland where he married Christina McKenz... [more...]
DIGNEY  Artrea 1791  2005-07-07  Sally Stevenson 
Looking for John Digney born 26 June 1791, Parish of Artrea, County of Londerry. Enlisted Regiment Belfast, county Antrim 4 May 1812. Age 20 years.Corps: 91st Fort Water... [more...]
DAVIES  Derry 1850  2005-09-15  Joy 
John MNickle (McNicol?) Shoemaker. Born Derry c 1850, Married Mary Dempsey also of Londonderry. Moved to Liverpool before 1877
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