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51 record(s) were found.
GIFFIN  Londonderry 1600-1700  2006-01-25  Wally Giffin 
Looking for any ancestors of Robert Giffin born in Ireland about 1742 and moved to Londonderry, New Hampshire US about 1768
GOURLEY  Londonderry  2006-02-01  d.j. 
looking for Matilda Gourley 1856
GRIMLEY  Templemore 1850  2006-02-10  Douglas Zuelke 
Looking for Owen or Eugene Grimley born in 1842
GAMBLE  Ballymoney, Coleraine  2006-03-03  sheila thibaudeau 
Searching my grandmother Charlotte Gamble's people. m. Wm. Pryce 1892 in Belfast. Gamble family was early scotch plantars. Relatives are Collins, Stewart, in Kilrea, Tam... [more...]
GRIFFIN  Derry 1803  2006-05-27  Rick 
My Great Great Grandfather David Griffin was born somewhere in County Derry in 1803. Here is a website link of him living with his family in Scotland in the 1851 census. ... [more...]
GIBSON  Carrick,Limavady  2006-09-09  Betsy Harper 
William Gibson was bc 1795/1800 M'd Martha ?? c 1820
GILLESPIE  1885-1890 Derry  2006-10-01  mary teresa 
G/grandfather hugh Gillespie wife margaret nee Mullen or (an) large family one my grandfather Hugh Gillespie wife Bridget nee Murphy,some addresses Sugar house lane, Butc... [more...]
GALLAHER  Londonderry 1876  2007-01-29  Kathie 
I have a marriage record for Ritchie Gallaher and Margaret Ann Elizabeth Cassidy. They were married in Londonderry on July 13th, 1876. Margaret Cassidy's father's name wa... [more...]
GEHRKE  Dungiven Co Derry Born 1916  2007-01-26  Elizabeth Shan 
I wish to obtain my grandfathers birth certificate Patrick Francis Haran and find more about him. He died when my mother was born and so did my grandmother shortly after... [more...]
GELVIN  Benbradagh/Dungiven - 1600s  2006-11-13  bill Gelvin 
From whom were the Gelvin school, river, road, etc. named?
GIBSON  Carrick/Bovevagh 1790/1820  2007-01-19  Betsy Harper 
Looking for any info on Wiliam Gibson bc 1795 m'd Martha ?? c 1820.Son Alexander b 1833 m'd Mary Ann Rosborough of Derryard,in Bovevagh in 1856 (slight conflict of dates ... [more...]
GILLESPIE  Derry 1885-1890  2006-12-15  mary teresa 
G/grandfather hugh Gillespie wife margaret nee Mullen or (an) large family one my grandfather Hugh Gillespie wife Bridget nee Murphy, some addresses Sugar house lane, But... [more...]
GALLAHER  Londonderry 1848- 1909  2007-01-01  Kathie 
I am looking for a family of Gallagher's that left Londonderry and came to Vancouver, Canada. Ritchie Gallagher and his wife Margaret Ann Elizabeth (Cassidy) Gallagher, h... [more...]
GREER  Londonderry, 1764  2007-01-10  Cheryl Elwood 
I have been trying to search Patrick Greer who came from londonderry. Who were his parents? Did he have brothers and sisters? Grandfather Patrick Greer was born in t... [more...]
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