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51 record(s) were found.
GILLON  Limavady/1879or1899  2007-03-05  Paula Mullaney 
Looking for the birth of nancy Gillon. May be 22 oct 1899 or 1879. Parents were John Gillon (furnaceman) and Mary Ann Mcnicol
GAMBLE  1819-1839  2008-05-06  richard williams 
im search for a joseph gamble born 1819 in londonderry he left for usa 1839 any info would be greatful
GOUGH  Coleraine 1839  2009-03-29  Clare Gibson 
Looking for Ann Gough, born in 1839 in Coleraine Ireland
GALLAGHER  gallagher 1850/1860  2012-08-26  julie 
Looking for John Gallagher whom married Isabella , they had 3 sons, John Thomas b1848,Alexander b1850,samual James b1846, plus 1 daughter dont know her name, Isabella lef... [more...]
GREEN  Londonderry  2013-01-22  Bart Green 
Maxwell Emigrated to Canada (New Brunswick) in 1820 from Londonderry. Looking for ancestors in Ireland/ Londonderry.....legend has it the green family managed a Funeral h... [more...]
GUILER  Derry 1750-1830  2014-03-11  Albert 
Robert Guiler
Ann (Pollock) Guiler
William Guiler
John Guiler
Mary Guiler
went to Canada 1836

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