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HOLDEN  Londonderry 1814  2007-03-20  Joe Holden 
Looking for a William Boyle Holden. Born 3/17/1814. His Mother was a Boyle, and related to Sir. Robert Boyle. Father may also be a "William". Thank you. Joe
HARPER  Derryard Co Derry  2008-05-19  Betsy 
looking for info on Mary Ann Rosborough b 1834 father David RosboroughShe m'd Alexander Gibson in 1856 in Bovevagh,Co Derry
HALLORAN  Derry -- 1845-1846  2009-02-06  Kathie Halloran Wisniewski 
Great great grandfather, son of Mary Cusack and Halloran, born July 6, 1845 or 1846.
HEGARTY  Errigal 1817-1850  2009-03-08  Will Lockhart 
Looking for information on George Hegarty and his son Henry from Brockaghboy, Errigal Parish, Co. Londonderry. George Hegarty b. November 12, 1817 in Co. Londonderry, ... [more...]
HAIRE  Londonderry, 1876-77  2009-03-11  David N. Haire 
I am trying to trace information about my paternal grandfather Thomas A. Haire. We thought he was Thomas Albert Haire but he may have been Thomas Anderson Hare. We thou... [more...]
HARPER  londonderry 1864-1866  2009-05-13  adrienne 
my grandfather samuel james harper was born here and for a number of years i have been unable to find any trace of him and his family i would be eternally gratefull for a... [more...]
HENRY  londonderry born 1830  2009-08-09  John Henry 
looking for start of family
HENDERSON  county derry1854-1873  2009-09-25  michael tenney 
jane henderson,born-1854 in county derry,(possibly wealthy),catholic, married james tenney early 1870s,arrived usa 1873,possibly canada first
HASSON  1857 or erlier  2009-12-06  Matthew McKenna 
Patrick Hasson,born 1834?, married Mary McKenna, Immigrated from Londonderry-Derry in 1858. Went to Liverpool England then to Brooklyn,NY. USA. The same year 1858. Settle... [more...]
HURLEY  londonderry 1800-1860  2009-12-26  ann 
looking for John and Matilda Fox of Londonderry. John migrated to South Australia c1850-60
Matilda died in Londonderry
HUDSON  Londonderry 1830-1835  2010-03-26  Alice Bennett 
I am unsure of the location but they had children in 1835 and 1837 in Derry, so I am expecting that the marriage was about 1830-35. I am looking for spouses name and p... [more...]
HENRY  Derry 1900  2011-04-27  Colleen Kelly 
Looking for my grandmother's family.
HENRY  Derry 1900  2011-08-02  Colleen Kelly 
Looking for my grandmother's family.
HAZLETT  Derry, b.1815  2011-08-19  Robert Hazlett 
Robert and his brother John, b.1818, came to America sometime after 1818. Parents, Family, Siblings, Ship's Passage, Anything?
HUNTER  Londonderry, 1821/22  2013-07-10  Mel Hunter 
I am looking for the birth or baptism of Robert Hunter whose parents could be John Hunter and Margaret Brown. These could be adopted parents and who left Ireland prior t... [more...]
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