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MCCOMBS  Derry Co. 1777  2006-11-28  Rick Hinkle 
Nancy McCombs b. 1777, daughter of Geroge McCombs, b. 1754, m. 1775, emmigrated to America, d. 1818
MCBRIDE  Londonderry  2006-12-20  Caroline 
Hi, I am looking for any information on John McLaughlin - who married Isabella Cassidy. They had a son Daniel born 1885. Daniel came to Scotland and married. The stor... [more...]
MCCOMBE  londonderry  2006-12-21  amber 
looking for an Eileen McFaul, don't have any birth details, but she should be in her 40's +
MCATEER  bellaghy 1837  2006-12-21  daphne erikson 
Checking on birth records for James McTeer/McAteer, born in bellaghy circa 1837. (My g g grandfather.) Married Susan McMullan at St Mary's Chapel, Portglenone, on 11 Sept... [more...]
MEIGHAN /GROVES  Coleraine 1929  2007-10-10  Henry Gerhardt 
MEIGHAN / GROVES Coleraine 1929 2000-10-25 Henry Gerhardt I am researching family of Thomas Meighan - his sister Fannie Meighan was married to a William Groves and ... [more...]
MITCHELL  Londonderry 1901  2007-01-29  Frank Southcott 
Seeking info on Thomas John (TJ) Mitchell, HM Customs Collector, and family, posted Londonderry in early 1900's.
MCLAUGHLIN  Coleraine 1849  2007-05-27  Margaret Berson 
Looking for David McLaughlin, born 1849 or 1848, who went to the U.S. somewhere between 1869 and 1880. He had a sister Elizabeth, and an uncle William who went to Austral... [more...]
MARX  Carrickfergus londonderry 1650  2007-10-18  linda 
I know thathe married 2 times in ireland and had 1 child for sure over there about 1681 1) eliazbeth 1680 and second anne 1700 this are abount
MCCULLY  Londonderry,1816  2007-12-15  Ralph cooke 
George MCcully Died In Londonderry before leaving for the U.S.a in 1816.His Wife when aheard .
MCMILES  derry 1825  2007-04-05  Beth 
looking for mcilmoil, left for scotland about 1840
MCCONNELL  1830-1850, Derry  2007-05-16  dan mcconnell 
My g-g-grandfather, Gabriel [Gilbert] McConnell, died in Glasgow 1902 at age 63. Death certificate listed parents as Robert and Martha Williamson McConnell, farmer, irela... [more...]
MCQUIGG  Londonderry 1706  2007-03-03  Louise 
Looking for John McQuigg born in 1706 Londonderry
MURPHY  Londonderry c.1830  2007-04-08  Stella 
Looking for info on William & Sarah Murphy (nee McMorris), who had a son William who migrated to Australia approx. 1859
MULHOLLAND  Magherafelt 1830 - 1899  2008-03-08  Mike Nordling 
Looking for any Mulholland born magherafelt between 1830 and 1898 7
MCHUGH  Londonderry 1861-1864  2008-04-16  Sue 
Francis McHugh born between 1834 and 1840 emigrated to New York between 1861 and 1864
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