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MCCALLION  Londonderry 1892  2003-02-13  Elaine McVey 
Looking for Joseph McCallion's family. Joseph's info is b: 1892; d: 1923?; occup: Tinsmith; parents: Alexander and Elizabeth (nee Cairns).
MCGAHAN  Derry 1901  2003-03-15  Pam Brostean 
Looking for info on ancestors of Ellen Agnes McGahan born 1901 in County Derry, daughter of James McGahan and Sarah Agnew
MCCORKELL  Londonderry. 1860's  2003-02-15  Mary 
Looking for Robert McCorkell born in the 1860's in Londonderry
MCCORKELL  Londonderry. 1860's  2003-02-15  Mary 
Looking for Robert McCorkell born in the 1860's in Londonderry
MCCOMB  Londonderry 1914  2003-04-03  Gareth McComb 
Looking for Daniel and Hugh McComb in Londonderry prior to World War 1. Hugh was my Grandfather and Daniel his Brother. Hugh died at the battle of Messines. They were bo... [more...]
MC ILLANEY  Londonderry 1873  2003-04-12  hugh 
marriage of john mc laney to ann mc ginley in 1873 in londonderry
MCINTYRE  Londonderry 1837  2003-04-20  Walker Dix 
James (McAteer, MacAteer) Mcintyre, b. 1837 Glenone, Londonderry; m. Susan McMullan.
MCSHANE  Desertmartin 1763  2003-04-29  J.R. Johnson 
Patrick McShane (later Johnson) was born that year in or around the town of Desertmartin. I'm trying to find out who his father and mother were. There is a record of a ... [more...]
MCCRACKEN  Templemore, 1863  2003-07-03  David 
George Williams married Hannah Bradley 07 Feb 1863 in Templemore, Londonderry (St Columbs Church, I think) but I cannot find any more information regarding parents or bir... [more...]
MCELHANNON  Londonderry county 1900  2003-08-12  Jeff McElhannon 
I am looking for any McElhannon's from Londonderry County in hopes of learning more about where my ancestors came from. I am planning to travel to Ireland to learn more.
MCSHANE  Coleraine, Laragh 1894-1896  2003-07-17  Patrick McShane 
Looking for Roman Catholic marriage info on gparents Patrick McShane & Rose Ann (nee Bradley) from townland Laragh, Coleraine, Desertoghill-nearest RC parish should have ... [more...]
MCCAFFERTY  Londonderry 1800-1818  2003-07-18  Mary (McCafferty) Dietrich 
Looking for information regarding Dennis McCafferty born in 1800 in Londonderry. He arrived in New York in 1818, lived in Centre County, Pennsylvania, and eventually move... [more...]
MCGAUGHEY  Ballywillin 1832  2003-08-09  Ronalda Power 
Looking for any info on Patrick Mcgaughey. Immigrated to Prince Edward Island Canada about 1843 with wife (Rose Vallely) And 3 sons Michael, John, James; daughter Annie. ... [more...]
MCSPARREN  Dungiven Ireland 1813-1845  2003-08-25  Sandra VanOrman 
Seeking information on the Archibald McSparren family. Believe his wife's name was Margaret. They had five children: Archibald jr. William, Priscilla, John, Mary Jane ... [more...]
MCCAFFREY  Swatragh, 1850 +/-  2003-09-04  Ginny 
Looking for info (dates/relatives) on Patrick McKeefry married to Margaret Loughlin (My Great Grandparents)and buried in St. John's of Granahan with their son, Andrew.
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