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SHAW  Dungivin 1820 - 1860  2003-01-31  david shaw 
Looking for William Shaw born about 1830 in Bovevagh & his son also William Shaw born about 1850 in Bovevagh.
STEWART  Londonderry 1850's  2003-02-15  kay 
Bernard McDonald left Londonderry to go to Aberdeen Scotand to help build the Cutty Sark. He married there. There are 5 grandchildren alive to this date. One is my mother... [more...]
SMYTH  Clondermot 1840  2003-02-24  Eliz. Smith Muldrow 
Looking for father of James Smyth (Jim Smith) born in 1836 Drumahoe...older brother, Thomas..Came to Philadelphia 1849.
SULLIVAN  Londonderry, 1802-1848  2003-02-26  G Price 
Looking for James Sullivan born around 1802 in Londonderry. Soldier in 77th Regiment. Mariied to Ann McDavid in Ireland abt 1818. EMigrated to NZ as fencible soldier 18... [more...]
STEEN  Coleraine 1800  2003-03-09  Bree Poor 
Margaret Steen married Joseph Armour, looking for previous generations, and any general info.
SHAW  coleraine 1818  2003-03-30  griffin 
Father's name was William and mother Jane ? Griffin was born 1818 in Coleraine, county of Londonderry, Ireland
SHAW  coleraine 1815  2003-03-30  samuel 
Father's name was William and mother Jane ? Samuel was born 1815 in Coleraine, county of Londonderry, Ireland
SEMPLE / SAMPLE  Londonderry County, 1820-1850  2003-06-24  Troy Semple 
My grandfather William J. Semple (or Sample) was born in July 1848 in Londonderry Co. Searching for info on him and his parents, Hugh and Sarah Jane White Semple/Sample. ... [more...]
STEWART  Londonderry 1828  2003-08-13  Christine Pearce 
Seeking info on Robert Hunter b. 1819 County down, married to Mary Stewart b. Abt 1828 Carndeasy, Desertlyn (Dystertlyn) Parish, Londonderry, Ireland. Both died in Waukes... [more...]
SHIELDS  County Derry; 1825-1850  2003-11-09  Linde Carter 
Looking for any information on Shields people from County Derry. I know my gg-grandfather, John Shields, was born in Derry between 1825-1830. Have no knowledge of his p... [more...]
STEWART  Londonderry 1850s  2003-12-15  Karen Poole 
Looking for connections to Hamilton Stewart b1853 parents Robert & Ann. Emigrated to Australia abt1857 on the ship Red Jacket.
SHAW  Coleraine; 1817-1830  2004-01-25  leanne dwyer 
Six children born to William Shaw and Margaret McLaughlin, children are Samuel, Anne, Griffin, Margaret, Mary Anne and William. On Griffin's death certificate is stated ... [more...]
SMYTH  1885-l895  2004-02-20  Margaret Cromb 
Looking for Margaret Smyth born in Londonderry 1885 onwards. Had a brother who went to Australia. Don't know his name.
SMITH  Londonderry pre 1901  2004-05-17  Yvonne 
Looking for Joseph Kinnear DOB unknown possible residence 72 Spencer Road Londonderry
SHAW  Coleraine 1817  2004-08-15  Willliam 
Looking for William who married Margaret McLaughlin around 1812 in Coleraine. They had six children: Samuel 1817, Griffin 1819, Anne 1820, Margaret 1823, Mary Anne 1826 &... [more...]
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