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Surname Location Year(s) Contact(s)
1188 record(s) were found.
ETHIER  Unknown  1890 - 1930  Mariah Walls - McCollum  
EUTSLER  Unknown  1870 - 1930  Kim Foltz  
EVANS  Unknown  1890 - 1930  Bev  
EVERETT  Unknown  1910 - 1960  Vern Conover  
EVERETT  Unknown  1896 - 1952  Penelope  
EWING  Unknown  1898  Shana-Lee Ewing  
FABRIEK  Unknown  1890 - 1930  Ben Fabriek  
FABRIEK  Unknown  1890 - 1999  Ben Fabriek
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FAGNANT  Unknown  1870 - 1930  
FAIGNAN  Unknown  1901 - 1944  Robin Myers  
FAILLANT  Unknown  1870 - 1930  
FAIRGRIEVE  Unknown  1880-1950  Jean Fairgrieve  
FARISH  Unknown  1890 - 1930  Gail  
FARNSWORTH  Unknown  1906 - 2000  
FARO  Unknown  1970  Marcena Thompson  
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