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Christopher Roche Nov 5, 2014
  Hi in hope my grandfather was John Patrick Roche he left Drogheda in 1894 for Scotland we know about him after that as he joined the Royal Scots: We think that his father was Michael Joseph, he could have been in an orphanage or work house as his parents died and he was brought up for a time by aunts, he was not a happy child. It is posible his father had a brother who had a son Christopher who died in 1930`s? at least in 1939 his daughter Patricia remembered a policeman standing at the house door with a letter for her father, he said to the policeman " I never want to hear from that family again " he destroyed the letter without further comment. We think JPR was born 1874 1878. Any help would be welcome, very welcome.

kobus van deventer May 16, 2014
  Im looking for information on my ancestors. I know this is a long shot... I grew up in pretoria in south africa my father was one of 6 sons. im looking to see if I can get in touch with them (i never met them).My fathers name was jacobus and my mother elmarie venter. And information would be great.

Janet Harrington Bright May 5, 2014
  Trying to trace ONLY my "mothers".Difficult due to not having their maiden-names. Got as far as Martha Blair 7-16-1836 who traveled to the US alone on the "North Britainia" arr. 11-29-1858. I think she married passenger Charles Carlton, but can't find marriage or death record to substantiate. Anyone who can help me?

Maria Feb 24, 2014
  Thomas Anderson Haire ( Father of Thomas Raymond) was the son of James Haire , sorry no date of b or d and Sarah Oliver/Oliphan b 1845/47 and d ?1917. He is listed on the 1911 census for Ireland @49 Chapel Road Londonderry. His 4 brothers were (1)John Oliver Haire b 10 April1873 died 1901 and (2)Samuel Ewing Haire b 13 Nov 1874, died 16 July 1951 ( also listed on, Sam had 2 children Mable Haire b 16 Oct 1902 , died 6 Nov 1997 in Gravesend Kent and Norman Cadwell b 1905 and d 19 Jan 1957 He left a will. ( 3) Edward Cornwell Haire b 28 Jan 1879 and (4)albert James Convoy Haire b 28 Jan 1879

mary ellen Nov 28, 2013
  we have been trying to find our relatives in Ballymena. My grandmother, Margaret Jane Moore was born 18Apr1879. We think she was born or raised or lived in Ballymena but we really don't know. When she died we found references to Ballymena. She claimed to have been a "bastard" child and that she went to work in a factory when she was 7 years old as a seamstress. (magadene laundries??) Her death certificate lists her mother's first name as Mary, no father's name listed. She immigrated to America in 1904 or 06, from Belfast. In her photos was a photo of a young woman, named Etta, taken circa 1920, by Young photographers, Ballymena. There is a photo with the inscription, "To Aunt Maggie." We are in need of any shred of evidence this person's existence in Ireland. Also would welcome any help to locate information


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