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Births or baptisms, Deaths & Marriages Exchange

The goal of the Ireland Births or baptism, Deaths and Marriages Exchange is to provide to genealogists a free resource for sharing information about details contained on birth or baptismal, death and marriage certificates registered in Ireland*.

Please remember that for our purposes the word certificate includes, but is not limited to

  • Certified copies
  • Photographic or Xerox copies
  • Extractions or inspections of birth, death and marriage registrations

Since contributing to this project is voluntary, when you receive a request for information, you can either a) mail at your expense; or, b) ask for a stamped self-addressed envelope to provide the information. How the information is exchanged between individuals will be agreed upon by the interested genealogists.

The certificates which are you no longer wish to keep in your possession and therefore available will show the surname in bold. FYI: I feel that each submitter should be at least willing to extract information from your sources, even if they do not wish to send off their only copy. For more details from any certificate shown please click on the Email link to contact the owner direct.

*Only the Republic of Ireland is listed on these pages. Northern Ireland is a part of the UK BDM.

If you have any questions regarding this page, please contact me.

There are currently 1177 records in the Ireland BDM Exchange.


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