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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Town of Birth County of Birth Clik to send mail.
41 record(s) were found.
SALMON  Michael  1847-04-07  Mayo  Mayo  Clik to send mail.
SCARRY  John  1870-04-01  Woodfield (Glennamaddy)  Galway  Clik to send mail.
SHANAHAN  Michael  1871-01-05  Williamstownn (Whitechurch, Dungarvan, Waterford)  Waterford  Clik to send mail.
SHEILDS  Rose  1867-05-07  Rosbeg  Ardara (Glenties District)  Clik to send mail.
SMITH  John  1874-05-10  Cavan City  Cavan  Clik to send mail.
SMITH  Rose  1858-11-21  Ballyjamesduff (Castlerahan Parish)  Cavan  Clik to send mail.
SMYTH  John Joseph  1873-09-08  Newtownn (Fenagh)  Carlow  Clik to send mail.
SPROULE  Francis  1880-11-24  Milford  Donegal  Clik to send mail.
SPROULE  James John  1890-11-07  Tourbeck (Islandeady)  Westport  Clik to send mail.
STACK  Richard  1894-08-11  Glin  Limerick  Clik to send mail.
STAFFORD  Alison  1973-08-21  Rotunda  Dublin  Clik to send mail.
STAFFORD  Sarah Mary  1938-09-12  Dublin City  Dublin  Clik to send mail.
STANNARD  James  1916-07-03  Dublin    Clik to send mail.
STEWART  Margaret  1911-03-17  Ballymorris  Queens  Clik to send mail.
SULLIVAN  John  1868-11-04  Spunkane Hill (Cahirciveen)  Kerry  Clik to send mail.

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