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Last Name First Name Date of Death Town of Death County of Death Clik to send mail.
137 record(s) were found.
O'CONNOR  Eileen  1998-05-30  Dublin  Dublin  Clik to send mail.
PATMAN (NEE HEBBRON)  Georgina Kathleen  1978-03-03  St. James' Hospital (Dublin)  Dublin  Clik to send mail.
LOGAN  James  1976-05-19  Mountcharles  Donegal  Clik to send mail.
CASEY  Teresa  1976-01-10  dublin  dublin  Clik to send mail.
MARY  McAlindon  1974-01-06  Belfast  Antrim  Clik to send mail.
DOWNEY  Shirley  1971-10-11  Belfast  Down  Clik to send mail.
KAVANAGH  Thomas  1970-06-22  Dublin  Dublin  Clik to send mail.
PATMAN  Edward Francis Damian  1968-03-10  St. Kevin's Hosp (S. Dublin)  Dublin  Clik to send mail.
HENNESSY  Hubert  1963-11-24  Dublin  Dublin  Clik to send mail.
BARRY  MICHAEL  1962-12-19  KILFINANE  LIMERICK  Clik to send mail.
HAMILTON  David  1960-04-24  Baran Dunamanagh  Tyrone  Clik to send mail.
FALLON  Michael  1955-01-27  Curraghroe  Roscommon  Clik to send mail.
MCGORRIAN  Daniel  1955-01-09  Belfast  Antrim  Clik to send mail.
O'CONNOR  Thomas Joseph  1952-08-21  Ardcurley Collooney  Sligo  Clik to send mail.
BUTLER  William Henry  1952-02-22  Arklow  Wicklow  Clik to send mail.

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