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Last Name First Name Date of Death Town of Death County of Death Clik to send mail.
137 record(s) were found.
O'CONNOR  Eileen  1998-05-30  Dublin  Dublin  Clik to send mail.
COADY  Eliza  1940-06-02  Tullow  Carlow  Clik to send mail.
ROGERSON  Elizabeth  1866-06-24  55 Ross St.(Belfast)  Antrim  Clik to send mail.
FOLEY  Elizabeth  1918-08-22  Ballytore  Kildare  Clik to send mail.
REGAN  Ellen  1880-03-14  Bandon, Castle Road  Cork  Clik to send mail.
DUNLOP  Ellen  1926-09-23  Tullygarley  Antrim  Clik to send mail.
WICKHAM  Esther  1870-06-21  Dublin  Dublin  Clik to send mail.
ROGERSON  Female  1867-07-20  Cullare (Taughboy, Athlone)  Roscommon  Clik to send mail.
WILSON  George  1899-03-28  Banbridge (Castlevennon)  Down  Clik to send mail.
LONG  George Frederick  1941-01-10  Dun Laoghaire  Dublin  Clik to send mail.
WEST  George White  1869-05-23  Rathfarnham  Dublin  Clik to send mail.
PATMAN (NEE HEBBRON)  Georgina Kathleen  1978-03-03  St. James' Hospital (Dublin)  Dublin  Clik to send mail.
SHORTALL  Henry  1934-12-05  Dublin Bay  Dublin  Clik to send mail.
MADDEN  HENRY  1886-09-23  RAHENA, ANNACARRIGE  CLARE  Clik to send mail.
CASEY  Honor  1913-12-05  Shanbally  Clare  Clik to send mail.
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