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ADAMS  Co Derry; abt. 1844  2005-02-06  Suzanne Galloway 
Brothers Charles and John G. Adams born County Derry. Charles married Elizabeth Scott and immigrated to US about 1878 with daughters Rebecca and Caroline. They eventual... [more...]
SCOTT  County Derry 1849  2005-02-06  Suzanne Galloway 
Looking for Elizabeth Scott b. 1849 and sister Rebecca Scott b. 1847. Elizabeth married Charles Adams and Rebecca married Thomas White. Rebecca immigrated to US about 1... [more...]
TORRANCE  1847  2005-02-12  Robert 
Hugh torrance came from Derry Ireland in 1847, with his wife Rachael Hoag Torrance, and their daughter. What part of the county did he live, and what port did he sail fro... [more...]
KYLE  Londonderry 1780-1840  2005-02-13  Vicki 
Looking for info on William(born 1816) and Elizabeth Dixon Kyle.(11 oct 1814) Both born in or around Londonderry and immigrating to Wisconsin around 1848
WOODS  Londonderry 1738-1792  2005-02-20  Michelle Woods 
I'm searching for Alexander Woods born abt 1738, don't know his wife but they had James, Alexander, John, William, thomas, Robert, rebecca and Isabella
BRAUN  Derry County, 1820  2005-02-25  Deborah 
Maria Jane Lenox was my great great grandmother. Her father was Henry Lenox Son of a Scottish landowner. A farmer near Mathrafelt in Co. Derry Ireland, c. 25mi. from Be... [more...]
MCCLOSKEY  Dungivin,about 1845  2005-04-23  Thomas McCloskey 
Birth of Thomas Francis McCloskey son of Frank McCloskey
GILLOWAY  Limavaddy 1895  2005-03-07  Kate 
Looking for Julia Adelaide McElwee b 1895 Limavaddy. Siblings Mary, John & James. Father John McElwee, b Newtown, Limavaddy. Mother unknown but died c1895
MCCLOSKEY  Londonderry 1850 - 1895  2005-03-11  Victoria 
Looking for my great grandfathers family. His name was William Gordon McCloskey, i think his fathers name was William or Andrew and he was a farmer, he married a woman c... [more...]
MCFETRIDGE  Dunboe Parish - Coleraine area  2005-03-22  Robert McFetridge 
family immigrated to carbon Co/Lehigh Co Pennsylvania in
MCLAUGHLIN  Derry, about 1827  2005-03-22  Jimmy Mascaro 
Looking for a Robert McLaughlin, born about 1827 in Derry. Another common first name in the family are William. Came to the U.S. before 1850. He married a Frances Gilmore... [more...]
HUNTER  Londonderry - 1792  2005-05-10  Mel 
I am trying to find some possible record of one of my Grandfather's who was born in Londonderry, town or county, and married a Margaret, possible name BROWN. Can you hel... [more...]
CASSIDY  Londerry Ulster  2005-04-21  Dianne Cassidy Pierce 
Andrew Cassidy, born 3/16/1764. arrived Kentucky USA approx 1782.
MOON  coleraine 1860-1870  2005-04-12  John Moon 
Looking for James Moon born in 1860's in Co. Londonderry(1867?). Middle name was Carlington.
JOHNSTON  Londonderry, ca. 1895-1832  2005-04-15  Cliff. Johnston 
Looking for Robert "Red Robin" Johnston, b. ca. 1807 possibly in Londonderry and his brother Archibald, b. 1815. Both went to Upper Canada ca. 1832. Oral family history... [more...]
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