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REYNOLDS  Leitrim/Londonderry 1730  2008-03-10  Kevin 
Seeking origins/info on family of my GGGG Grandfather John Reynolds who many Gen. sites say was from Londonderry and Boston. Born around 1725-1730 and died in Massachusee... [more...]
WEIR  Nothern Ireland 1870-1900  2008-02-11  Edith Fenner 
He was my grandfather, christian name unknown, but was a station master
COTTRELL  Londonderry 1911  2008-03-15  Katie Mason 
Searching Victor Alexander born in Ireland Roughly Dec.31 1911 Have Baptism Info, and the following : Mother: Annie nee Wilson Father : Benjamin Cottrell Any informat... [more...]
COWARD  1822 to 1855  2008-03-19  Jack Lang 
Looking for details of Fleming Coward whom worked as a Landing Waiter with HM Customs Londonderry. Mainly death details required, any other would be a bonus.
MCHUGH  Londonderry 1861-1864  2008-04-16  Sue 
Francis McHugh born between 1834 and 1840 emigrated to New York between 1861 and 1864
SHEILDS  falls road area 1926  2008-09-01  alana 
i am looking for some record of my mother birth name mary sheilds born 26/09/1926 fathers name was james do not know what mothers name was can you help please
KANE  coleraine 1846  2008-05-05  gail kane 
looking for Thomas Kane wife Jane Duffy, married ? 1846
son Thomas married Martha Young
both born in ireland.
GAMBLE  1819-1839  2008-05-06  richard williams 
im search for a joseph gamble born 1819 in londonderry he left for usa 1839 any info would be greatful
WARKE  balinteer 1885  2008-05-11  cindy marshall 
I am trying to research my family tree starting with my great grandfather . I know he was born in 1885 . His mane was William Warke and he lived in Ballinteer, Macosquin ... [more...]
CONAGHAN  Clonleigh c1800-1830  2008-06-16  Richard Conaghan 
Hi Folks, Looking for info on William Conaghan who was married to Helen Docherty. They had a son John Conaghan b.1793 who later moved to Glasgow. He was later joined by h... [more...]
HARPER  Derryard Co Derry  2008-05-19  Betsy 
looking for info on Mary Ann Rosborough b 1834 father David RosboroughShe m'd Alexander Gibson in 1856 in Bovevagh,Co Derry
MCKEEFRY  fallahogy,Derry  2008-05-28  Leo 
leasehold farmer on Merser Company land
MARTIN  Drumslade, Ballyaghran Parish  2008-07-02  William S. Martin 
Samuel Martin, born CA 1835. Died 28May 1907.
Married Elizabeth Dugan, born CA 1845.
MARTIN  Castleroen ear Ballyness - Years 1802 to 1867  2008-07-02  William S. Martin 
Thomas Martin, born CA 1802. Died 13 Feb 1867, Ballyness, Macosquin Parish.
Wife: Jane ? Born CA 1803.
PARFITT  Londonderry 1830  2008-08-06  Dawn 
Birth of Robert Chambers father John. Robert was a Baker.
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