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43 record(s) were found.
LAFFERTY  County Londonderry 1915  2000-08-28  Priscilla Taylor 
Looking for information on grandparents, Francis Aloyius Cullen and Sarah Ellen McClaughlin - married in approximately 1910 in County Derry Ireland - migrated to US / New... [more...]
LAMB  Londonary ca 1690  1998-04-27  Gene Smith 
Looking for parents of Samuel LAMB b. ca 1720 d. 16 Apr 1794 Middleton, Cumberland Co, PA? Is there any information of the following General William LAMB in Londonderry? ... [more...]
LAMRICK    1997-11-25  Tom Moffatt 
Rebeca Lamrick may be from Cumber Parish, and did emigrate to Ontario at age 20 in 1831. In 1845 she married a Christopher Bogart, and lived most of the t of her lin Winc... [more...]
LATAMORE  Londonderry, 1790-1803  1999-03-20  Jennifer Blacklock 
Mary Latamore,age 28, labourer 1803
William Latamore, age 30,labourer 1803
LATHAM    2000-10-02  Jinny 
Looking for informatin on an Alexander Forsythe, son of Bridget Cassidy. Alexander born in mid 1800s in Derry, had a least 1 brother. Both boys immigrated to the US and C... [more...]
LATTIE    1997-10-27  Glenda Clooney 
Seeking any information pertaining to a THOMAS LATTIE. According to the inscription on his headstone in Nova Scotia, Canada, he was born at Castle 3rd, Londonderry, Irela... [more...]
LEES / WATT    2000-12-09  Richard Lees 
Magherafelt/Dunamoney Seeking information concerning my great grandfather Samuel Lees B; 1859 Married: Elizabeth Watt and their parents. I understand that he owned a far... [more...]
LENNOX  Co.Derry 1840's  2001-01-26  Elizabeth MacKenzie 
Hugh Lennox, father of William and George (other siblings??) Birth record for Hugh in Derry?? Verification of William birth in Derry. Greatly appreciate assistance.
LENOX  Derry County, 1820s  1997-12-13  Jerry Braun 
Maria Jane LENOX was born 1 Sep 1820 in Derry County, Ireland to Henry and Margaret LENOX. She married in in New York, US in 1837. Looking for information on Maria or her... [more...]
LENOX  Kilrea, Count Derry 1783-1820  1998-10-10  Robert J. Stevens 
We are looking for James Lenox who was born in Kilrea May 14, 1783. He emigrated to NY around 1820 as best we can figure.
LESLIE / COWAN  Emigration From Londonderry To New York City On May 24, 1847  2000-08-26  TJ Peterec 
Alexander and Margaret Leslie were the departure of Londonderry to arrival of New York City on May 24, 1847. The ship named Floridian. Alex was 17 and Margaret was 16. Th... [more...]
LESLIE  County Derry 1828  1999-04-10  Jon Patterson 
Looking for information on Elizabth LESLIE who was born in County Derry in 1828. No more precise location. Married WILLIAM STEWART in Pennsylvania in 1847
LINDESAY  Alla Rectory, Killaloo  2000-06-04  Ken Hart 
Seeking any information him, his family and ancestors. Was Rector of Upper Cumber. Born 1794 died 1860
LITTLE  Dungiven: 1831  2001-03-16  Carol Russell 
Joseph LITTLE b 1831 son of James & Margaret (Reed) Little. I am trying to find out where in Ireland my family came from. I have one lead townland: Dungiven, county: Lond... [more...]
LOGUE  Derry, 1751  1999-01-09  Marie Hvezda 
Looking for the parents and siblings of Adam Logue, b. 1751 Derry, Ireland. He later lived in Carlisle, PA and Cameron County, PA.

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