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MCBEATH  Derry Ireland  2015-09-25  Leigh Winnard 
Thomas McBath was born in Lisbon NY born 1840 to Adam McBath and Jane Ann Gray McBath both born in 1796. (Surname changed from McBeath to McBath upon arriving in America... [more...]
MACKRELL  Maghera 1864  2000-11-29  Cathy Conway 
Looking for info on my great grandather Sean Mackrell. Born in Maghera. fathers name is Thomas.
MAGEE / TOLAND  Londonderry 1845  2000-04-28  Joan Betz 
John Magee & Jane Toland were married in County Derry in 1845. At some point they went to Scotland where my grandmother (Margaret) was born in 1867. I think they may have... [more...]
MAHOOD  Ulster 1850 - 1899  2000-09-13  Mara 
First name Walter, immigrated US prior to 1900
MAJOR  Derry, 1700-1818  2000-06-08  Marjory A. Austen 
I would be interested in corresponding w/ anyone who knows about this surname: MAJOR. I found Alexander, Henry, Thomas and William mentioned in wills w/in the dates above... [more...]
MAJOR  1850-1870  2000-12-25  Charles Major 
Charles Major came to US about 1860 a brother William in 1866 with bride Mary Ann O'Neil They were married in a Catholic in a place called or sounds like Balahey. I belie... [more...]
MARLIN  Curran/Mehgera/Mehgerafelt 1790-1830  2000-04-10  Robert Jones 
I am looking for information relating to the Marlins of County Londonderry. I would especially like information relating to the parents or siblings of John Morrow Marlin ... [more...]
MASON  1794-1819  1998-11-11  Janita Mason Ponze 
Researching MASON family. Robert Mason (b. 1794) Co. Derry, Ireland emigrated to USA from Belfast, Co. Antrim in Apr 1819 to Burlington, VT in Aug 1819. He later took up ... [more...]
MATHEWS  Londonderry - circa 1846  1998-11-17  Lorraine 
I am researching information regarding my great grandfather Dr. James Snodgrass MATHEWS. (Physician & Surgeon) b. approx. 1846 Londonderry d. Apr. 11,1911 Machynlleth, ... [more...]
MATTESON    1998-04-12  Ken Brown 
MATTESON, Henry, b. 27, Oct 1646 in Ulster, Ire., whether the city or the Province I am unclear. I am looking for any further info on him or any descendents, in the Londo... [more...]
MAWHINNEY  1795 - 1831 Derry County  1998-06-17  Sandie Mawhinnie 
Looking for information on Robert (Robin) Mawhinney Born 1795, married Mary (Molly) Wilson. May have lived near Newry, County Down aprox. 1886. Siblings of Robin were Mar... [more...]
MAXWELL  Londonderry, 1805  2001-03-23  Richard Mortimer 
Looking for Info on Samuel Maxwell b. June 14, 1805 Londonderry. Samuel died Jan. 31, 1890 in Venango Co. Pennsylvania, USA
MAYFIELD  Northern Ireland?  1998-11-07  Kathy Ann Mayfield Waltrip 
Possibly a translation from Gaelic: Ballynagaligh or Ballynagalliagh or Rocketscastle or Rocketcastle. May have been in the counties of Kildare, Mayo or Waterford. Thank... [more...]
MEIGHAN / GROVES  Coleraine 1929  2000-10-25  Henry Gerhardt 
I am researching family of Thomas Meighan - his sister Fannie Meighan was married to a William Groves and as of December 1929 had an address of New Upper Row, Coleraine, ... [more...]
MILLICAN  Londonderry 1762-1770  1999-03-12  Jan Todd 
Seeking info on brothers William and John Millican, natives of Londonderry according to obits. Immigrated to New Brunswick, Canada around 1818 with families. Want to lear... [more...]

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