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NELSON  ca. 1700  1999-01-09  Edith Clifford 
Family living in parish of Ballyaghran, Londonderry
NESBIT  c1818  2000-05-03  Helen Williams 
My gg grandfather born/lived at Ballygonney or Ballygonny or Ballygonny Bridge or Ballgonny Bridge. There is an old church and a bridge still there. Do you know where thi... [more...]
NEVIN  Derry/Londonderry 1852  2006-11-07  Frank McGonigal 
Mary Ann Nevin,born at sea 1852,
Baptised in Derry circa1852.
Died in Scotland 1919.
Parents James Nevin,Catherine Owens.
NEWELL  Balyeitho 1819  2005-08-04  Lise Newell 
looking for Janes Newell born in Balyeaitho 1819
NEWMAN  basingstoke  2008-10-05  joseph 
Looking for Robert Magee born 1918 June in Co Londonderry
NICHOLL  Derry 1945  1999-01-29  Joan 
My husband Austin Boyce spent his first 2 years in a Covent and he thinks it was the Sacred Heath in Derry. He was born on 26 December 1944, and the reason he was in a Co... [more...]
NICHOLL  Londonderry 1998  1999-01-29  Joan 
My mother in law was a good friend of The Cullen Family, who ran a Fun Fair or still do. Tommy Cullen was a friend of the family, are there any contact address I could wr... [more...]
NIXON    1998-01-15  Bonni 
Please contact me if you are searching for NIXON's in Londonderry circa 1800. (Stewart) S. NIXON died July 19, 1878 age 69 years, born in Ireland about 12 Aug 1808. T... [more...]
NORRIS  1844  2000-04-07  EmmaJane 
John Norris was born in Londonderry 3-18-1844 and came to the US around 1860, I think.
NORRY  Londonderry  2003-11-03  Roberta Kincaid 
Catherine Norry went to Canada in 1836. Her cemetery record says she was born in Londonderry abt. 1811. Census says 1819-1821.She married John Marshall in New Brunswick... [more...]

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