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31 record(s) were found.
RAMSEY  Londonderry 1920  2006-11-16  Martin 
Looking for Andrew Duffy, born 1887, died 1972 in Londonderry.
RANKEN  Wood Bank 1810-1831  2000-07-04  George B. Martin 
John Ranken born at Wood Bank, Londonderry, Ireland on February 26, 1810. He came to United States around 1831. Died Troy, New York, United States, September 10, 1864. Wa... [more...]
RANKIN  1847-49 (Londonderry)  1998-08-26  Jim Rankin 
I found a brief passage in a geneological publication of what may be my ancestor, it stated that a Joseph Rankin sailed from Londonderry Ireland, to New Brunswick,Canada,... [more...]
RANKIN  1812-1830  2003-04-07  chrisrankin 
hello im lookin for info on my ancestor who came from Londonderry in 1830. his name was james rankin, born in oct of 1812, he left for new brunswhich canada in 1830, woul... [more...]
RANKIN  Londonderry, 1812-1830  2011-04-16  Chris 
I am searching for info on my ancestor James Rankin. He was born in Londonderry in 1812. he came to Canada in 1830. I do not know what part of Londonderry he came from. C... [more...]
REA  londonderry 1861  2010-01-16  shirley Tawfiq 
looking for Thomas rea born 1861 londonderry fathers name John
REED  Carrickfergus londonderry 1650  2007-10-18  linda marx 
I know thathe married 2 times in ireland and had 1 child for sure over there about 1681 1) eliazbeth 1680 and second anne 1700 this are abount
REICHERT  moville or coleraine  2004-11-07  margaret 
james mcsheffrey born abt 1839
mariied mary ann collins born about 1848 from moville
REYNOLDS  Leitrim/Londonderry 1730  2008-03-10  Kevin 
Seeking origins/info on family of my GGGG Grandfather John Reynolds who many Gen. sites say was from Londonderry and Boston. Born around 1725-1730 and died in Massachusee... [more...]
RICHARDSON/MONTGOMERY  Londonderry 1700/1735  2003-05-13  Sylvia Kurt 
Looking for info on Stephen Richardson and "Lady" Jane Montgomery. They has a son, James Richardson, born on May 30, 1730, born in Londonderry, They had a son Stephen bo... [more...]
RICKETTS  Londonderry, 1630  2004-04-02  Janet 
looking for Robert Finney b. 1630 married Isabell. There son Robert went to America.
RIDDAGH  Derry 1800-1900  2005-06-25  Linda Calliou 
Looking for information on the Riddagh family. Spelling may vary somewhat.
RIDDELL  Londonderry pre-1688  1999-04-23  Wallace Riddle 
Gawn Riddell was born in May 1688 to John & Janet(Gordon)Riddell. The Riddells. In the early 1700's Gawn and his siblings: Hugh, Robert, John, & Margery emigrated to Nort... [more...]
RIDDELL  Drummuck  2004-01-28  jo Dahlenburg 
Robert Wilson and Letitia Riddell/Riddle lived in Drummuck c1830 and their many children married into the Riddell/Riddle, Mulholland, Crockett, Hyndman, Steele and Graham... [more...]
RIDDLES  Gortagerty, Faughanvale, Londonderry 1800`s  2003-11-14  pam taylor 
Looking for William Riddles, born 30 October 1809 and bapt. at the Faughanvale Church of Ireland. He was the son of William and Martha. He married Margaret Carey on 29 Ju... [more...]

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