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WALKER  Coleraine 1780/1830  2006-01-25  Jerry Jasper 
When my 3rd Great Grandfather, John Walker, joined the British Army he listed his home as Coleraine, Derry. John was born about 1890, plus or minus a couple years. In 180... [more...]
WALKER  Londonderry 1806  2011-11-02  simon watson 
looking for John Walker born in Londonderry in 1806 and turns up in Liverpool in the 1841 census married to a local girl Isabella, with 6 children. JW's occupation given ... [more...]
WALLACE  Londonderry 1786  2006-11-22  richard 
Looking for John Wallace, born 1765 in (?),scottland, sailed from Londonderry to Philadelphia, USA 1786
WALLIN  Limazady, Londonderry  2002-12-02  Gloria 
Seeking a Robert Herbertsen b. 1877 Londonderry. No other info.
WARKE  balinteer 1885  2008-05-11  cindy marshall 
I am trying to research my family tree starting with my great grandfather . I know he was born in 1885 . His mane was William Warke and he lived in Ballinteer, Macosquin ... [more...]
WARNOCK  Coleraine 1802  2006-10-27  John 
Information we know of came from New Brunswick, Canada where he married in 1834 to Mary Jane Greav Lindsay who supposeedly was from Limavady. His gravestone says his fath... [more...]
WARREN    1998-06-27  Diane 
Looking for living family and only have James Orr and Rebecca (nee Young) where are they buried and the names of thier parents. They may have lived out side of Londonderr... [more...]
WATSON  Location - County Londonderry 1818  1998-02-11  Leona Fleming 
I am searching for information about James WATSON, my gr-gr-gr grandfather. He was born in the Parish of Clondermot, County Londonderry on August 1, 1768. In 1818, at the... [more...]
WATSON  Coleraine, 1690s  1999-04-11  Shirley 
Matthew, John and Oliver Watson migrated to the US in 1718, landing in Boston. John, b. 1716, son of Matthew; Oliver, b. 1718 on the voyage, son of Matthew. Therefore, Ma... [more...]
WATSON  Learmount 1833  2005-01-29  John 
Looking for parents name of Alexander Watson born 1833 in Learmount ... it is possible father's name is William.
WATSON  Londonderry 1820-1830  2006-04-23  Lyn Dalley 
Married to Andrew Dean/Deane/Dain, son John born circa 1829
WATSON  Coleraine 1856  2009-04-15  Melanie 
I am looking for any information regarding our Great, Great Great Grandfather William Watson. William married Mary Toner on 25 December 1856. They had at least 5 children... [more...]
WEIR  1821/Ballyscullion  2007-06-28  Jane Weir 
Looking for Thomas Weirs from mid 1600s to present..especially Thomas...possiby with Jervis closely related.
WEIR  1821/Ballyscullion  2007-06-30  Jane Weir 
Looking for Thomas Weirs from mid 1600s to present..especially Thomas...possiby with Jervis closely related.
WEIR  Nothern Ireland 1870-1900  2008-02-11  Edith Fenner 
He was my grandfather, christian name unknown, but was a station master

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