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1999 Unknown County Queries

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Contact: John E. Ernest
04 Nov 1999


Looking for Thomas ALLEN married to Emma Dempsie EREHARTt. Emma had sons Russell and Massino Erehart and a daughter Lois Erehart. Emma was born in Portage, Wisconsin and Thomas Allen was born in Canada. I have a lot of information on the Dempsie family to share.

Contact: Debbie Cowman
20 Dec 1999

1820 - 1941

I am looking for the family of my gr-grandmother Mary E. Adelaide (BABCOCK) McNEIL, b. 1855, Pennsylvania; d. 1941, Montana. Unable to determine which family is hers due to too many similar names. A branch of her BABCOCKs also settled in Montana. Interested in communicating with anyone researching BABCOCKs in Montana. Willing to share information.

Contact: David Carr
31 Mar 1999

1890 - 1930

Looking for a Grace or Carrie Bacon who lived on the Wild Rose ranch during this time period. I am more interested in the location of the ranch

Contact: John Gauthier
04 Dec 1999


Seeking information on Peter BARLAND who was identified as living in Montana in the location of Oconda (which I cannot find) in 1928. He was the brother of my grandmother, Mary Louise BARLAND (BELAND) who died in 1928 in Iron Mountain, Dickinson County, Michgan. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you. John Gauthier

Contact: Cheri Astrahan
16 Mar 1999

1900 +

Looking for Fountain BLACK (b.1844 OR) and his children. According to his father's obituary (Henry Black died 1904 in WA) Fountain was living in Montana in 1904. Fountain was married to Josephine Roy (1856-1896) and lived in Washington Co, OR in Forest Grove and in Umatilla Co, OR. He may have a daughter named Minerva or Minnie who married a Bradley.

Contact: Myrna Bradley
25 Dec 1999


Can anyone give me information on the purchase of a mining town in Jardine, Montana by Richard BLANKENSIP early 1900's. Thank you,
Myrna Bradley in Oregon

Contact: Robbin Boston
07 May 1999

1890 - 1930

I'm looking for the birth record of Wlibert Lee Boston. I'm not sure which county he was born in. He was raised in Dawson county. Born in 1917 in the month of November

Contact: Joel N. Swink
02 May 1999

1874 - 1940

B. M. Bower was a writer of western novels. Her first husband was Bower. Her second husband was "Fiddle Back" Sinclair. Her third husband was writer Robert Ellsworth Cowan. However, I am trying to find B. M. Bower's maiden name. County of marriage is unknown to me.

Contact: Robert Hiller
15 Aug 1999

1892 - 1926

I search for BRADLEY ralatives somewhere in Montana. John Bradley (1865- ) left Iowa shortly after his marriage in 1886 and lived in Maddy, Montana. He moved and lived in Lee, Montana from 1899-1926, which is the last known place. His wife was Mary Tyler Bradley, and they had a son named George Bradley.

Contact: Jim
16 Sep 1999

1880? - ?

I have HICKS (BUCKMAN) lines somewhere in Montana. Searching for information on grandaunts/uncles, Louis, Louise, Adelaide, Anne, Charles C. Their father being Charles C. Hicks (Buckman) born Oct 12, 1842 in New York. Have information on his one son James A., my Grandfather. Am looking for information of them all.

Contact: Carolyn Barrett
29 Jul 1999

1890 - 1930

Please help. I have a ggg greatuncle by marriage that is buried in Ross Hole Cemetery in Montana. My problem is that I can't read the name of the County that the cemetery is in. Can anyone help. Please e-mail [email protected] Thanks

Contact: Russell Webb
05 Apr 1999

1840 - 1899

Sam Van Choate married Mary (daughter of Big Ground & Telling News From Opposite Sides) (b-1844 piegan Blackfeet) in 1862.They had 4 children: Annie, Sam, George & Frank (all Choate).

Annie Choate mar.George W. Smith 1866. They had Sadie (b-1880) & Raymond (b-1882).

Sadie Smith mar-Peter Johnson in 1897 they had Helen (oldest b-1899), Georgia, Mary, Dorothy, Beatrice, Neal & Harper.

All of these people were in and around the Blackfeet Reservation.

Contact: Richard
17 Oct 1999


Looking for Rev. Harry Clampitt. Born circa 1850 in MA. Went with wife Alice Copeland to Montana to be a circuit rider. Died in MT, wife and children sent back to MA.

Contact: Jo-Anne Asher
11 May 1999

1890 - 1910

Seeking info on grandfather and his parents. Grandfather John Henry Clark born December 1895 in Hore Montana, County unknown

Contact: Pauline
08 Jun 1999

1880 - 1900

My great great aunt MARGARET COLEMAN nee BOYLE emigrated from Ireland to MONTANA between 1880 - 1899. Three children, son BONNIE. Searching for information on family and descendents

Contact: Jad1
21 Dec 1999

1902 +

Searching for information on Catherine DALY. She was last known to be living in Montana in 1902 as Mrs. Catherine DALY. Her maiden surname was DILLON and she was born about 1852 in Troy Township, Illinois. Later, (listed in Sarpy County, Nebraska census of 1860) she moved to Gretna, Nebraska with parents and siblings. Please contact at [email protected]

Contact: Mark Lacy
04 Sep 1999

1890 - 1930

To those researching the DAVIS family in Montana around the turn of the century. I am seeking information on the family of Helen Elizabeth DAVIS, born 28 Aug 1888. I am told she was possibly adopted by an Albert and Bertha KIRCHER because both her parents had died. She married Orlando J. LACY in Miles City, Custer, Montana on 19 Jan 1907. She and her husband had a ranch in Dawson county during the 1910's, I understand. She died in Sacramento California on 14 September 1956. Please let me know if you have any information on either her true or adopted parents.

Contact: Alycia
10 May 1999

1890 - 1930

I am looking for information on the family of Alice Matilda Fisher who I believe resided in Choteau, MT at one time but can not confirm that. She married a Clark Denison and together they had 9 children. I was able to confirm that one daughter, Dorothy Alice Denison was born in Choteau, MT on May 28, 1992. If anyone has information about these families I would very much appreciate it.

Contact: George Kelley
08 Jun 1999

c1907 - 1947

I have ERICKSEN, SONTUM, DOUGHTERY & TYRELL family lines somewhere in MT. Especially looking for grandfathers brother (Oscar W.F. ERICKSEN) and sister (Emelia Ericksen SONTUM0 Both born abt 1875-1880 and died after 1946. Oscar last known to have lived in Whitehall Jul/Aug 1946 and Emelia in Butte same dates. Have searched census records 1910 and 1920 but found neither in Silver Bow or Jefferson Counties. My mother had cousin Agnes E. DOUGHERTY living in Silver Star Jul/Aug 1946. Mothers half sisters daughter, husband and two children (Mrs. George TYRELL) lived in Helena Jul/Aug 1946. Oscars son "Bud" and wife Audrey lived in Polson same time frame. Is anyone else searching these families? I am looking for descendents and ancestors in Ericksen line. Willing to share info.

Contact: Sally F. Ross
05 Jan 1999

I am not sure if I am posting this to the correct place or not. If I am, I am searching for information on ANNA ALMIRA WILBUR b.October 21, 1863. She m. WILLIAM EDGAR FRARY. I was told that they resided in either Miles City, or Stacey, Montana. Her mother's maiden name was MILES. I was told that Miles City was named after her family. That doesn't go with the info I just read on the history of Miles City. I am now wondering if her family was from Wilbaux, and her name was changed to WILBUR. I was told that ANNA was part Native American. I have no further info on this line. Thank you, Sally [email protected]

Contact: Kirby Parker
20 Oct 1999

1838 - 1903

I am searching for obituary and marriage information on Selucius Garfield (called Lucius) who was a member of congress. Was a 2nd cousin to Pres. James Garfield. His brother was Moses A. Garfield.

Contact: Inolop
10 Apr 1999

1909 - 1919

Albert Guizzo and his brother Giovanni worked as farm laborers during these years. This was stated on the back of Alberto's travel papers. Where there any specific areas that I could search, which Italian immiagrants would find work as farm laborers?

Contact: Linda R. Romero
05 Oct 1999


I am looking for information on my great-uncle FRANK HALLSTEAD, born abt. 1890 in Iowa or South Dakota. He lived in Montana where he shot his wife and then himself. His father was Theodore HALLSTEAD. He had two brothers, Donald and Clarence HALLSTEAD. I am looking for children or relatives of Frank and his wife.

Contact: Kris O'Brien
13 Jun 1999

1800 - 1900

My great great grandmothers name was Anne Harmon...she was a quaker and ended up settled in Maryland..she had a child, oliver Sapp or Ollie Sapp, born in Baltimore, Md. any info would be appreciated..thanks..

Contact: Karla
19 Mar 1999

1898 - 1910

Looking for information on my gg grandfather Fred Harrison who married a Nellie Mae Poorker in Foley, Waseca, Montana in 1898. Together they had two children from this marriage: Valourous Harrison (my grandfather) b. 1899 in Foley, Benton, Montana. He married my grandmother who was Gladys Elizabeth Olson she was born in Glasgow, Montana in 1901. They were married in Glasgow in 1921, then they moved out to Seattle, Washington. Their other child was my aunt Hazel Harrison also b in Montana. My Fred Harrison died in 1910 in Saco, Phillips, Montana. Nellie remarried a man by the name of Kippen. What I need to find is a death certificate for my gggrandfather so that I might be able to find out who his father and mother was. His fathers name might be James Frederick Harrison b. in Michigan but I have no proof of this. I would appreciate any help that anyone can popssible think of, thank you so much. Mommarsha

Contact: Sid Napier or
16 May 1999

1825 - 1890

My wife has relatives, who began Fort Hawley. It is believed it nows lies under Fort Peck Lake. Would like any additional information on it.

Contact: Mary Hernvall
10 Sep 1999

1909 - 1918

I'm looking for any info on Gustav Adolph HERNVALL; born 1898 in Sweden. Immigrated to Montana early 1900's. Worked in eastern Montana on various ranches during the hay season. Was inducted into the army around 1916 after being made a US citizen. He left Montana after returning from the war and settled in north Idaho where he worked in the logging camps. I would appreciate any info regarding a possible marriage, birth and death of a child, or any knowledge of our great grandfather.

Contact: Jim
16 Sep 1999

1880 - ?

I have HICKS (BUCKMAN) lines somewhere in Montana. Searching for information on grandaunts/uncles, Louis, Louise, Adelaide, Anne, Charles C. Their father being Charles C. Hicks(Buckman)born Oct 12, 1842 in New York. Have information on his one son James A., my Grandfather. Am looking for information of them all.

Contact: Colleen Sanford
06 Jun 1999

1909 - 1970

Katharine L. (Horstman) Her mother was Lillie Richardson (or at some point, obviously it was Horstman). Katharine died in Seattle, but it is recorded that she was born in Montana.

Contact: Dude Kendrick
02 Apr 1999

1890 - 1920

Looking For Info On Wm. M. KENDRICK. According To Texas Confederate Pension Records, he was visiting his children in Okla. And Montana. Would like to have any info on descendants.

Contact: Debra LaTray
22 Jan 1999

early 1800

I am looking for information on Moses LaTray who lived in the Lewistown, MT area. If there is any family out there who has info would they please get in contact with me. Thanks

Contact: Jim TeVogt
13 Nov 1999

After 1906

John Walter McBRIDE is listed as living in Montana in the obituary of his mother, Elizabeth McBRIDE, who died December 26, 1906 in Wabasha County, Minnesota. (The name is given as W.J. McBRIDE in the obituary). John Walter McBRIDE was born May 28, 1878 in Wabasha County, Minnesota. It is thought by family members that he died in Montana, but members of his family do not know where. There is no information in the family to indicate that he was married. I want to locate when and where he died and would appreciate any information on him.

Contact: Clay Miller
21 Dec 1999

1877 - 1930

John MCGLAUGHLIN b. abt. 1850 m. Ida SQUIRES 1877. Moved from Iowa to Montana, possibly Jefferson or Broadwater county. Children were Cora and Danny. Looking for descendants.

Contact: Lynn McGuire Stupke
03 Jul 1999

late 1880's

Looking for information regarding John William McGuire b.c1845 Pike Co. KY. After the civil war he moved to Todd Co. MN abt 1867 with his parents William and Virginia. He left MN and headed for MT in the mid to late 1880's. He died before 1898. His siblings included: Sarah Elizabeth, Solomon E., Lemuel and Montzier. I would like to know the name of his wife and children. Also looking for where and when he died.

Contact: C. J. Molitor
07 Apr 1999


I am searching for a death certificate on Gerhardt Edgar Molitor, aka Gary, aka Gary E., He died in September 1900 in Montana from typhoid fever.Gary was in the war with Spain. I have written for his Military records, but thus far have not heard from them.

Contact: Lou Ritter
31 May 1999

1884 - 1910

I am looking for any information about my great-grandfather Hugh Cowan MONROE/MUNRO b. June 30, 1840 Elgin Co., Ont. He abandoned his family in Cass City, MI sometime after 1848 (birth of last child)and is said to have died in Montana in 1909. Would be happy to share information about Munros.

Contact: Marty (Morrison) Breyer
17 Oct 1999

1890 - 1940

Looking for a William MORRISON, brother of James Earl Morrison, Annie and Nina Morrison. James, b.1856, Rock Island, Illinois. Father and mother of this family was from Northern(?) Ireland. Family moved from Illinois to Keokuk County,Iowa at some time after 1860 or so. James moved to S.Dakota and on to Park County Montana. William reportedly lived somewhere in Montana

Contact: Tracy
21 May 1999


I am looking for connections with the names NEUHAUSEN or LINDBLOOM. My grandmother GERTRUDE NEUHAUSEN was b.1889 in Helena,Montana. Her mothers name was JULIA LINDBLOOM, her fathers name was CARL NEUHAUSEN.GERTRUDE "Trudy" married Claude Maxwell McIntyre. Any info. would be appreciated.

Contact: John Lazelle or
23 Apr 1999

1890 - 1930

I recently recieved a copy of my great-grandfathers application for a social security card and he listed Gibson, Montana as his birthplace. Can anyone help me locate Gibson? His name was Jack Lockwood Nutting, born May 25, 1893. His father was Harry Nutting and his mother was Violet Elbia. Any information or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John Lazelle.

Contact: Dick Olds
19 Apr 1999

1903 - 1929

Seeking John Murdock Olds (b.12 Oct 1868, Delphi, IN), last found in Detroit, MI city directory as a dentist in 1893. Obit. of mother(d.Apr.1903,Detroit)mentions son "Dr. John Olds of Montana". JMO's sibs remained in MI and he is not mentioned in their late 1920s/ early 1930s obits.; can someone look for JMO in Montana census indexes for 1910 and 1920 for me for starters? Thanks!

Contact: Jim Karlson or
02 Mar 1999

1918 - 1933

Born James A. Pephyrs, 9/28/15 in Oswego, MT (don't know what county that would be); Died 2/26/98 in Everett, WA; Mother was 1/2 Assiniboin Indian; German father's name was Jim/James; may have changed surname on moving to Washington State approx. 1930; Family seeking specifics on Native American heritage and geneology.

Contact: Lindsay Dierolf
29 Aug 1999

1885 - 1900

I am searching for information on John (Jack ) Price B. Luzerne c.. Pennsylvania, immagrated to Montana ca.885. Oral history indicates that he was killed shortly after his arrival in Montana. No one seems to know where or how. Any information would be helpful.

Contact: Jerry McClure
26 Nov 1999

d. March 2, 1887

James RIGGINS, b. Dec. 16, 1851, in Scotland, died in a mining accident somewhere in Montana on Mar. 2, 1887. The Riggins family immigrated from Scotland to West Virginia in 1854 where James lived before moving to Montana. I would like to know where James lived in Montana and the details of his death. Any help appreciated.

Contact: Bob Segler
28 May 1999

1885 - 1935

I am searching for any information about Henry Segler believed born in an unknown county in Montana between 1885 and 1897 and who moved to California prior to 1936.

Contact: Bob Jenkins
01 Jul 1999

1950 - 1976

My uncle, Fred O. Schneider was born, May 12, 1920 in St. Paul, MN, Lived in Rochester until 1942, was in the Army Air Corps, 1942-1945. Moved to Montana possibly in 1950, possibly married a Native American and may have lived on an reservation., Worked on the railroad and may have died in 1976. His army service # was 37-177-497

Contact: Clarence R. Shirey
14 Oct 1999

1899 - 1906

Solomon M. SHIREY b. 13 Jan/ Feb. 1834, married. secondly Emma G. GRUBBER. Children first wife: (b. 1861-1875): Sarah Ellen, Julia R, James E. Lillie M., Hiram O, Blanch O. Who did girls marry?

Contact: Inolop
10 Apr 1999

1909 - 1919

Albert Guizzo and his brother Giovanni worked as farm laborers during these years. This was stated on the back of Alberto's travel papers. Where there any specific areas that I could search, which Italian immiagrants would find work as farm laborers?

Contact: Ann-Marie
19 Jun 1999

1890 - 1930

I have several SOMERVILLE relatives listed as being born or buried in "Electric Park County" Montana. They have ended up in the states from Scotland. I cannot find anything close to this county name. Any help appreciated.

Contact: Trish Elliott-Kashima
04 Sep 1999

1890 - 1930

Am searching for information about Frank W. Thompson and his twin Carl Thompson. They were born in Montana circa 1890-1895. Do not know parents names, but they were supposedly missionaries. They were born in South Carolina or North Carolina. By 1920, Frank was in Savannah GA, and married Willie Bessie Short, 1921, Alabama. They had two children: Paul B AL and Mary B AR. Frank died in Montana or Colorado circa 1925, do not know where he is buried. Frank is my grandfather and I am VERY interested in finding out info on him. Have found nothing in vital records at the state level.


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